I Was Off to the Big City to Get My Exhaust Pipe Built, But

Monday November 11, 2013 Guerneville, CA.

I put my old exhaust pipe in my car and headed for Santa Rosa to the Muffler shop first thing this morning, around ten AM.

I showed the old pipe to the guy there and he said there is something wrong with the pipe end were the doughnut gasket fits, but he wasn’t sure what?

He said I needed to bring the van in so he could do the job right and not guess, which was ok with me. How about tomorrow, do I need an appointment? No,…..good, that’s the way I like it.

Well, that didn’t take as long as I had planned, so I headed over to Pattie and Marty’s, some friends of mine and shot the bull most of the afternoon. Some other friends came by while I was there and we had a good visit.

I went home just in time to beat the rush hour traffic and put the old pipe back on the van and got it ready to go to the muffler shop tomorrow morning, first thing.

It’s supposed to rain a bit in the morning tomorrow, maybe, so if it’s not pouring, I’ll take the van in and get that problem fixed. I hate to drive with those crazy city people during the first rain. Seems a lot of them don’t know to slow down a bit when it’s raining.

It’s likely the muffler guy will hit me up to fix some more of the muffler system, then I was planning to do. There are a couple holes in the tail pipe, so maybe I’ll let him fix it all up?

Just a lazy sort of day.

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