If You Want to Eat, You Have to Shop

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012 Guerneville, CA.

So, I shopped today.

Shop to you drop, not me. I just get in and get out. I needed some food and I need a new wind breaker/rain coat. I went over to Santa Rosa in a light sprinkle and first went to Sports Authority where I’m always looking for the right color of coat for a wind breaker. I like green, just green, like forest green, not some bright lime green thing, I like to blend in when I’m out and about, especially when I’m kayaking. I’m not into the bright oranges and things city type people seem to like best. To each his own. Of course since there are more city type people that like those bright colors, that’s mostly what you’ll find in the store, so that’s why I have to keep checking in the store for new items that match what I’m looking for.

Now, the old wind breaker was a good one, but I wore it while I was trimming berry vines on trails once too often and for the last year or so, I’ve had some little invisible holes in the arms, so I’ve been looking for awhile now.

I got lucky today, found a North Face one, forest green, my size and only a hundred dollars. That might seem like a lot to some, but a good wind breaker/rain coat is worth even more than that. It’s the thing that can make or break a bad weather day and make a bad weather day more enjoyable. So, yes, I’d pay a lot for a coat that does the job.

After that, off to Costco to get some food. Since I have this problem where I’m allergic to things made from corn, I have to be real careful what I buy. About ninety percent of products in stores have something in them made from corn, so it’s a real challenge to find corn free items which I can eat. And the worse part is you have to be a scientist to know what on the label is made from corn as it isn’t usually listed, as made from corn. Takes me about twice as long to shop now that I have to read all the ingredients each time I buy something.

Somehow, I still managed to find 220 dollars of food.The items I can buy are usually the more expensive ones. Just the way it is.

I also bought six pairs of real nice boot type socks. I’ve been having a problem with my feet burning when I hike. I think my cushions on the bottom of my feet have thinned with age, or less use? The socks seem to help relieve the problem, as I’d bought some before and give them a try out.

After that, I went over to visit my friends Marty and Patti. We discussed a trip to his cabin in Boonville in a couple weeks to plant some fruit trees that I want to transfer from my yard. They are all volunteers that came up in the yard on their own, but in the wrong places. Several of them came up in my blueberry patch, can’t have that. :O)

I did a little work too.

Alter that, I came home and put the groceries away and then went outside to see about taking apart a planter bed, so I could get some more volunteer trees out of them without too much trouble. I was going to take that planter bed apart anyway. I can use some of the dirt to fill the holes where I want to plant the cherry trees., so there is a plan of badness to all this. Taking those planter boxes apart wore me out and it was almost dark by then. In the house I went and got the fire going in the wood stove and a little nap was indeed deserved. :O)

Nice Day.

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