Indecisive Sort of Day

Thursday July 30, 2020 Guerneville CA.

No plans really

I didn’t have anything really planned for the day although I was thinking of going to the big shopping centers and doing some shopping but  the more I thought about it, the more I thought I don’t really need most of the stuff I was going to shop for so as the day progressed I abandoned that idea.

Trying to shop locally

So later in the day I thought I’d just go down to Guerneville to the local food store and also gas my car, so I finally got around to doing that.

I got the gas ok and then went into the food store, Safeway. I got a big bag of whole onions and then turned the isle corner where I saw the check out lines of which there were three went all the way across the store to the back which made the place really crowded but worse than that I hate long lines from being in the military where the lines were always real long and I had to wait. No choice then but now I have a choice. I left my basket and headed out the store and headed for home.


But on the way out of town I decided to go visit John S. to shoot the bull for a bit. He and his wife where home so John and I sat out on his patio and shot the bull for a couple hours.

Nice evening

Once I got home I mostly chair hopped around the yard checking out what fruit and berries were getting ripe and just enjoying the end of the day as this evening was especially nine.

Roosting chickens

The chickens go into roost just before dark so I went in to shut them up for the night.

Here’s some of the little bigger chicks on the roost.peeps


Keeping warm

And here’s the rest of the smallest chicks. I think there’s about 23 of them in the pile. They pile up to to keep each other warm during the night.chicks


Here’s some of the older chicks with momma hen on their roost.roost


Main roost

And this is the main roost with Carmelo the rooster in the middle of all his hens.roost2



On the way into the house I spotted this chicken, Lucy, coming in late to the roost. She’d been over at my brother’s house across the creek. She knows how to get out and knows where my brother tosses cracked eggs from his chickens. He tosses them into the brush and this chicken goes over there to see if there’s any thing to eat. I could block her from this but my brother likes having a chicken or two in his yard so I don’t bother keeping her in.  Lucy is one of those chickens that is a little smarter than the rest and tends to get into mischief but she’s a good chicken.

Anyway here’s Lucy sneaking home.lucy


That was my day, indecisive but easy.

Nice day.

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One Response to Indecisive Sort of Day

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sounds like a wise decision leaving the store lineups. Busy day for that store!
    Love the chicken pictures, my favourites being the first chicks and the last one of Lucy sneaking home. She thinks she’s pulling the wool over your eyes. :)

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