Taking Care of My Shopping Chores

Tuesday November 3, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I’ve been putting off shopping for the last couple weeks or so, so, it was time to get it done as I needed some gardening stuff and some groceries too.

Puttered around the yard doing some chair hopping and just enjoying the nice day.

Headed out to shop

Just after noon I hit the road headed for the shopping centers.

I knew they’d have it

First stop was the hydraulic shop to get a gas tank input hose to replace the cracked one in  my van. I’d been looking for this hose online with no luck and was pretty sure I could get what I needed at the hydraulic shop.

I showed the old guy the old hose and he said sure and went to get it in the back. When he came back with the new hose,I asked him how long this shop had been in business as I’d been coming to it for years. He said 35 years and that’s about how long he’d been working there and how long I’d been coming there. He was an older guy bent over with a bad back like a lot of us older guys. :O)

Bad choice

Next up I needed some garden supplies and some stuff from Walmart. Bad choice as they’d replaced all the garden stuff with Christmas stuff and they were out of stock on some of the other stuff I needed.

So I went next door to Home Depot and didn’t do well on the garden stuff there ether, maybe because it’s just not gardening time for most.

Old standby store

Next I went over to a  hardware store that usually has everything I need, Freemans.

I was able to find most of what I needed there, especially the thing I needed the most, an inline garden hose fertilizer injector as I’d like to start doing some fertilizing in my yard as the chickens are too slow getting the job done and I want  my weeds to grow faster so they can eat them as feed.

Supply problems

Next was Costco where I got mostly what I wanted. All the stores except the hydraulic place seemed to be having supply problems because of the virus.

Chickens out to graze

Ok, time to get on home which I did and first thing went over to  let the chickens out to graze. They were mostly up on the roost a bit early but when I opened the gate they all came out to feed for a bit.chickens


So I got the car unloaded and sat down for a break watching the chickens doing their thing.

Good to get that shopping done and now I can finish repairing my van’s gas filler and I got a break from all that hard work up in the hills on the water system.

Nice day.

Nice day

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2 Responses to Taking Care of My Shopping Chores

  1. Nancy K says:

    I used to be a shopping addict. I would go for absolutely nothing. Now I have to MAKE myself get out the door. It’s frustrating that Christmas comes even before Halloween. I’ve turned into your neighbor, the Hermit.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    It’s always good to get shopping out of the way. Especially when you don’t enjoy it. The stores sure don’t waste time hopping from one season (or holiday) to the next. It isn’t even Remembrance Day here yet and our Christmas stuff is coming out. LOL No wonder Bill and I get sick of the music my time Santa comes.

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