Internet Problems and Filling Up the Olive Tree Transplant Hole

Friday May 20, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Olive tree

Barry came over with his truck today to pick up the olive tree I dug up yesterday as he has a place for it in his yard. My other Brother Tom’s tractor was in my yard so we used it to  load the heavy tree into his truck which made that job easy.tractor


Internet woos

After he left I was using the internet when it started going bad and I couldn’t connect. I called my ISP after checking some stuff on my computer and they will send out a phone guy within three days.

After I hung up I remembered I had this same problem last year about this time. It seems when it warms up for the year it causes this problem but it’s on and off for awhile so it’s hard to trouble shoot and when it gets warm enough it fixes itself until the next year. At least that’s what it looks like to me. I figured out a way to go outside and connect to Tom’s place to post my blog.

Olive tree hole

I did some chair hopping and then worked on filling up the hole I made  taking the olive tree out.hole


I thought it’d be a good idea to put some woodchips in the hole before I put the dirt back in it.chips


I hauled two wheelbarrow loads to the hole and dumped them in.mulch


I put the water on the woodchips to wet them down and help them decay faster which gave me some time for a break.water


Then it was time to shovel all the dirt back onto the hole which was a bit of work.dirt


I needed a break after that so I did some chair hopping.


Stopped in the blueberry patch to eat a few berries as they are just starting to get ripe.blueberries


These are the first raspberries so I ate some of those too.rasz


For the chickens

Then I hauled one more load of woodchips to the now filled in hole and dumped them on top for the chickens to mess with.woodchips


Broody hen

This hen is hanging out in the egg laying nest area which means she wants to make a nest and raise little ones. That’s called being broody.nests


Get’s her own nest box

After it gets dark tonight I will  go out and put her with about twelve eggs into a new tote box nest and move it into a pen by herself so she can work on things without being pestered by other hens. She has ten eggs under her and I will add those two other ones.

Interesting enough 12 eggs is what most of the hens seem to like to sit on. Do you think that might be where a dozen came from originally?

That task is much easier done after it gets dark as they are much  easier to handle after dark and don’t make a ruckus as long as you keep the lights off.

Nice day.

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  1. A James says:

    Really nice having a forever supply of wood chips.Given your increasing internet usage ,you might wish to consider a Starlink system,provided there is enough clear sight line with all the trees.Looking forward to seeing how your drone repair sorts out.All the best.

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