Jenner, Just Another Day in Paradise

Friday, Dec. 7, 2012, Jenner by the Sea, CA.

More Winter Kayaking at Jenner, on the Russian River.

I suppose paradise is more or less an individual thing. One person’s paradise might not work for another person, but hey, this is my blog. :O) I was thinking of going to Monte Rio to yak today, but at the last minute decided to go down to Jenner again and maybe do Monte Rio tomorrow or the next day.

So, I arrived at Jenner around eleven AM. I saw that there was a little mud on the rocky beach from the muddy water and it was low tide so I scouted around a bit to see if I could avoid most of the mud while putting my kayak and me in the water. It wasn’t too bad, about an inch of it, but it is sticky stuff. The muddy water deposits it all around the shore line. It takes a bit of time for the waves and wind to wash it back into the deeper water, where it isn’t a bother to boaters, but for now, I’ll deal with it

I put in at the visitors center and paddled up the river on the north side a ways and then crossed over just above Penny Island and started on my way up the south shore, very slowly, taking my time, sitting in my boat along the way and observing and just thinking about a lot of things. The wind was down, the water was muddy and the hills around me where turning their grass green, it was beautiful.

Below is the second spot I stopped and spent an hour or so thinking. I call this the Dino spot as it has a bunch of old redwood logs, which are to me, just like Dino bones, they are so old. This picture is looking up the river, toward the highway 1 bridge.



Same spot in the below picture, just looking down the river. Nice Dino bones, huh?



Continuing up the river from there, just a little ways, this shot shows the mist as the sun gets into the shadows for the first time today.



I passed this buzzard, which was eating something just under it which I couldn’t see.



Also, passed these Grebes on the way back down the river.



After the Grebes, this was my view of Jenner by the Sea, looks peaceful, eh?



I paddled down to the rivers mouth, where it meets the ocean. It was wide open, so I worked my way over to a big rock on the north side where I had a view out into the ocean. Below is what I saw, the waves were huge, but broke just in front of the ones you see.



This guy appeared out of no where, a surfer, well, the waves where big.



Eventually, I noticed that there where a whole bunch of surfers out there. Too cold for me, even with a wet suit on.



There where a lot of seals beached near the mouth too, with a lot of birds. Many more seals come into this area around this time of year, usually around two hundred or so, must have something to do with  fish?



Lastly, the below photo is out the river mouth, looking west, out onto the Pacific ocean.



That was about all I could take for the day, I was off the river around three PM, which is early for me. Did some shopping for groceries on the way home, not much I can buy in the store anymore.

A sack of potatoes, two yellow onions, some beef, and two containers of, Not from concentrate orange Juice, all because of this corn thing. Not much I can buy that doesn’t have some kind of corn stuff in it.

I did a little work on my van’s injection project, but I’m waiting for parts to come in, so couldn’t do too much, besides I was getting tired. When I sat in my chair, that was it for awhile.

Had a great day.

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