Joe’s Garden, Shopping and Some Yard Work

Thursday August 14, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Today seemed like as good a day as any, to go do some shopping and a little visiting too.

Joe’s place

On the way, was Joe’s house. I stopped in unexpected, but am always welcome. One of his dogs greeted me as I walked in his gate. Joe has a real nice garden with a  good mix of flowers and vegetables and I always like getting the tour and Joe always likes giving the tour, so things work out nice.

This was our view as we approached his garden area. Lots of flowers and a nice day too.joesgarden


Joe showed me around and invited me to help myself to eating any tomatoes or whatever I wanted. I like nibbling in gardens. :O)

More of his


We walked around talking about this and that, mostly about things in the garden.

I like blue morning glories.joegarden


And his were real nice, so lush.morninggloriys


Joe’s friendly chickens

Joe has a dozen or so chickens running around in his garden. They are real friendly and have a very good life at Joe’s place. Joe demo’s how friendly they are.joeschicken


First day wearing my new overalls

Note that Joe wears bibbed overalls. I wore mine for the first time today, since I was visiting Joe. They seemed to work out real well and were comfortable. The only thing wrong with them was,…… the ladies. Seems ladies, like guys in overalls, from the smiles and complements I got in the stores I went into. :O)

Honey bees

He has his honey bees towards the back end of the garden.bees


I forgot what this plant was called, but it looked real nice. It’s a seed type plant and the reddish stuff is all seeds.flower


Coming back out of the garden Joe stopped by his daisies.joesdaiseys


Off to shop and visit some more

I enjoyed my visit with Joe, but I had to get going if I was going to get everything done today, so off I went, over to shop a bit, then I went over to visit Patti and Marty.

We shot the bull a bit, then made some plans to go up to his cabin in Boonville soon, to work on tapping some more water springs.

Off to the parts store

Next I was off to the auto parts store to get some parts for my car. They had most of them, so I did pretty good and went on home.

Nap and some yard work

After all that driving and visiting, I needed a nap, so I hit the couch for a bit, before going out in the yard and working on filling up the new water line ditch with dirt. I still have to put more dirt on top of the ditch as it will settle this winter, but I want to put some daffodil bulbs on the ditch before I finish with the dirt. That will be the next step.

It’s nice having water out to my gate for watering trees and flowers and for fire protection too.

Here is one of the new water faucets I installed.waterfauset


I spent the rest of the evening sitting around in chairs in my yard, just enjoying things before it got dark.

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