Kayaked Monte Rio and Moving Blueberry Plants and Dirt

Monday August 16, 2018 Monte Rio CA.

Started off the day with a paddle at Monte Rio

I put my boat in the water at the boat ramp in Monte Rio and started down the river.

I could see some ducks up ahead.river1



These mallard ducks were just sitting there watching as I paddled on by.ducks2


I wasn’t planning on paddling far, just up as far as you can see, about a  mile down the river from the boat ramp to a place called Villa Grande.villa3


Villa Grande Hole

I sat at the hole at Villa Grande for an hour or so just taking it easy and watching for wildlife.trees6


I spied this great blue heron sitting back in the shade.heron5


After a good rest I started the slow paddle back up the river.riverup9


Thing of interest

This thing on the log caught my eye as I was paddling by so I stopped to check it out.log7


It looks like some kind of mushroom growth on a tree flouting in the water. And I can see a spider on the upper left top.shroom


I continued on up the river when I saw this bird fly into the trees in front of me. It’s a green night heron I think.heron10


Back at Monte Rio

I made it back up the river to Monte Rio and headed on in to the boat ramp on the left.rio11


Stopped at the feed store

I loaded my boat up and headed back to Guerneville to the pet food store.

I informed the lady there that food to feed chickens is not taxed in California and asked her to look into it. Then I gave her an order for some chicken feed seeds and said I’d buy them as soon as she got the tax thing figured out and left.

Bones from John

On the way home I stopped at John and Cheryl’s place to pick up some bones he had for me as I wanted to make up some bone broth out of them. We shot the bull for a bit and I went on home.

Working in the yard

After getting something to eat and a nap I went outside and checked on my chickens.

Then I tackled moving some blueberry plants in my blueberry patch.

I’m spreading the blueberry plants out to the edges and in the process taking out a lot of the dirt as it’s getting too high. It’s all good dirt made from leaf mulch through the years and I can use it in some other places.

Blueberry patch work

Here’s where I’ve been working in the blueberry patch. I moved the plants on the left to the edge of the patch and removed a lot of dirt here. One of the larger plants takes a long time to dig out so this is going to take awhile to complete the job.plants13


The dirt pile is getting larger. It will be much larger as there is a lot more dirt in the patch to move.dirtpile12



I dug up all these potatoes in the process so I’ll have to deal with them tomorrow.tatters13


Here’s a few of my chickens in the mulch area of the pen.chicks


All that work tired me out so I just sat around for the rest of the day taking it easy chair hopping.

That was it foe me today for another nice one.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Bob, you have me tired out and ready for a nap too!
    Nice yak and the green night heron is interesting. so many birds I’ve never heard of. you are very knowledgeable when it comes to nature.
    You’ve accomplished a lot today!

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