Kayaking Jenner Until Dark

Saturday, June 22, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Started out windy, but it finally quit

Since it’s Saturday, I usually wait a bit before going down to kayak to let the early birds go home. Since I picked up a vinyl repair kit the other day, I worked on prepping my office chair for my van. It had several cracks and tears in the chair so I thought fixing these might extend the chairs life a bit more and would also improve it’s looks just a bit.

I read the directions a couple times then went to UTube and looked at a video or two demonstrating the technique to use to the kit. It looked fairly simple. Clean off the vinyl and trim any loose stuff and apply the glue, filler and let it dry for four hours before applying the colored stuff.

So, I applied the glue stuff and put it aside to dry.

I went down to Jenner around two PM. It was a bit windy, but not too bad, most of the other people had left for the day to beat the wind.

I put my boat in the water and headed across to Penny Island where I found Steve taking it easy in the channel on the east end. We paddled up the river, just past Eagle’s Landing. The wind seemed to be blowing right on us, no matter where we tried to get out of it, so we worked our way back down to Penny Island where we put ashore on the east end and went for a little walk. We took it easy and ate some berries too.

Steve was trying out his umbrella sail, but it was a little windy. His umbrella turns inside out, it’s made to do that, which is good. He only tried it for a short bit and decided it was a bit chancy, so he put it away before the wind got him.steve


After spending some time walking around Penny Island we put back in the water and headed down toward the river’s mouth. It was getting late in the evening and the wind was starting to clam down.

We put ashore on the sandy beach at the rivers mouth. Below, is looking down the sandy beach at where the river’s mouth usually is open and lets the river water into the ocean on the right. You can see the river water on the left is blocked with sand and can’t get into the ocean on the right. That’s Goat Rock in the right background.mouthclosed


The sun was heading down and the full moon was coming up. The below photo is looking back up the river at the full moon rising.moonup


Like I said, the sun was going down, so I snapped some picks. Here is the sun going down in the west.sunset2


And another sunset pic from the south side of Penny Island.sunset3


We headed back up the back side of Penny Island as it started to get dark. The moon was getting up higher as can be seen in the picture below.moon


We crossed over at the east end channel and headed on back to the visitor’s center boat ramp where we took our boats out for the day.

This photo is of Jenner in the dark, as we approached it from Penny Island.


I arrived home around 9:30 Pm.

Another nice day at the river.

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