Leaving the Jarbidge Area and Camped at Willow Creek Reservoir and Home

Sunday August 11, 2019 Willow Creek Reservoir Nevada

Working my way west

After a good nights sleep at Sunflower Flat I headed on down the road once I got it going in the morning.

The lady at the Diamond A ranch told me Elk season was starting this weekend so camp spots might be taken by them, but I know some they don’t. I did see quite a number of hunters in certain spots, but they tend to bunch up so there were still plenty of places to camp as I avoided those spots anyway.

I headed on down this road headed mostly west.roaddown


And turned off that road onto this road headed towards the Indian Reservation for gas.roadout3


Indian Reservation

I checked my email at the Reservation computer lab and went to the Tribal Store for gas and then headed South going through this small town called Mountain City. It used to thieve but all the store owners got older and had to retire so the town has been falling apart for a number of years and needs some new blood.mountcity


Going over Maggie’s Summit

About ten miles or so south of Mountain City I turned onto this road called Maggie’s Pass road which has some large cattle ranches on it and is very scenic.magorad


Maggie’s Pass is just up ahead a rather steep road to get over, graveled all the way.road2


Once over the pass the road drops down through some quaking aspen areas.road3


The road goes on down through this valley for about an hour or so on dusty dirt roads.road4


Nice drive though. I’m driving mostly graveled roads today for  several hours of driving.raod5


Willow Creek Reservoir

I’m headed to the Willow Creek Reservoir and will drive up onto the right side of this dam for a look and I plan to camp here for a couple days or so.dam


Here I am checking things out on the right side of the dam where there is a parking area. I’ve camped here in the winter but right now there’s too many people about so I use the lower camp spot by the creek.vanadam


The view of the lake from that parking spot.willow


Checking out the camp spot

The view off the back side of the parking area. I plan to camp down there on the second loop. I always check from the upper parking lot to make sure there is no one camped down there and there wasn’t anyone camped in my spot.camp


Little walk

So I drove on down and set up camp by the Willow creek outflow from the dam which you can see in the background. I went for a little walk along the creek on a cow trail that follows the creek through the bushes.vancamp


Here’s the view from my side doors of the van right over the creek.view


I heard a bunch of birds up in the air overhead which looked like this. Not sure what kind of birds they were.birds


Enjoying  the spot

I stayed for two days taking it easy and just enjoying the spot. It was a good spot except there were quite a few gnats out and about especially at night, but I have bug screens with magnets I can put over the doors and windows which I did.

After spending a couple enjoyable days at that camp spot I headed out towards Winnemucca and continued to my highway 95 camp spot where it runs into highway 80 where I camped for the night before starting the last leg home.

I traveled roads like this on the way to Winnemucca for a couple of hours.road7


I gassed at Winnemucca and continued to  my camp spot.

Headed for home

The next day I continued the long drive home and made it without any problems except for not liking all the traffic.

Time to rest up after that long drive.

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  1. jenny Johnson says:

    I live in Mountain City Tennessee –born and raised here —but way back when I lived in Idaho (45 years) —I was on my way to Elko Nevada to get married and stopped in the little town of Mountain City Nevada and sent a postcard to my mother in Mountain City Tennessee to tell her I was getting married —The lady in the post office was so kind and she even hand cancelled it for me —Happy memories!! Thanks for letting me ride along Safe travels

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