Left the House Early So Made It to the Willow Creek Reservoir Nevada

Thursday July 13, 2017 Maggie’s Summit Nevada

Taking off

I got a good start on the trip yesterday, left the house around 10:30AM. I was planning to stop for the night before I got to Winnemucca, but since I got there early, I decided to continue on to the Willow Creek reservoir, about another hundred miles or so.

This is the mining haul road I took after leaving Winnemucca, headed to Willow Creek Reservoir.road


Lots of waves

I saw these three white trucks pull over up ahead so I waved as I went by, little did I know there were about twenty of these with a fire truck bringing up the rear, so my arm was busy waving away. Apparently it’s some kind of federal fire crew coming back for a fire. Lots of smoke in the air.trucks


In about an hour I drove up on top of the Willow Creek Reservoir dam and looked  back the way I had just come. You can see my dust trail dissipating there.roadust


Willow Creek Reservoir

Here’s a picture of the reservoir just before dark.lake


I had a good night camped on top of the dam.

The next day I continued East on this road.dirt


Cattle drive

I came around a turn and there were a thousand or so cattle in front of me. I stopped to take some pictures.cows


After a few minutes this government truck came by  so I followed him through the cattle.herd


Going to camp down there

I continued on. I was headed to the meadow in about the middle of this picture.camp


I went through this grove of aspens on the way.aspen


Tonight’s camp spot

This is my camp for the night. I have green grass and a creek.van


Tomorrow’s plan

Tomorrow I plan to continue over Maggie’s Summit and on to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, mostly because I can only get internet there on week days. I plan to go to Scotts ranch from there and eventually to Twin Falls Idaho in about a week to meet up for the Continental Divide part of the trip. Of course I have a couple other camp spots on the way.

That’s it for my day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Looks like you are having a good trip so far. That first road looks really rough! You are adventurous to say the least, camping out in the middle of nowhere on your own.
    You and I are made of different stuff! ha ha

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