Loading Up and Getting Ready to Move Out to the High Desert in Nevada

Thursday August 6, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Still some prep to do

I went shopping for some last minute grocery items in Guerneville first thing this morning and checked that off my list.

The rest of the day, I spent getting all the last things together for the trip. Some items I needed for this trip were hard to find. I think I may have too  much junk. :O)

Vegetables and fruit and eggs too

Some last minute watering needed to be done, so I set sprinklers for that. I also walked over to my brother’s garden and got some vegetables and fruit for the trip. A couple dozen eggs and I’m set to go.


I cooked up some things that I can eat in the first few days out. Some fried rice and a vegetable stir fry.

Leaving on an adventure

We plan to leave around six this evening and make it to where highway 95 south comes into highway 80. I have a camp spot there on the north dirt road which works pretty good. We hope to be there before two AM tonight for a nights sleep. The plan is to drive at night where there is a little less traffic and it’s cooler.


In the morning we are off to Winnemucca to gas up and head north to the Jarbidge area turning at Golconda, the first east exit past Winnemucca and going northeast.

Internet access is going to be real spotty, so at times you may not hear from me for a week. Sit back and be patient, I’m having a good time. :O)

Steve who got sick and couldn’t go last time is going with me in his Jeep, so we’ll have two rigs this time which improves the safety factor a lot.

Interesting trip

This should be an interesting trip as I have some real interesting things planned to do. We are going to explore beaver ponds and hope to go down a thousand foot deep river gorge where I’m one of the few people that know how to get into this canyon in the middle. Theirs is twenty three miles of thousand foot deep river gorge, about a hundred yards wide that has no access in the middle because of the steep rocky sides, but I know how to get down into it near the middle and if we can, we will try to walk into it and I will expose my secret path to a very interesting and beautiful area.

We will also be going up to Troy, Oregon which is in the north east corner of the state and do some kayaking and fishing. When I travel it’s mostly done what I call  play by ear, which means we have very minimal plans and just go with the flow of things along the way.

Anyway, we are just about to leave.

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2 Responses to Loading Up and Getting Ready to Move Out to the High Desert in Nevada

  1. Patti Sundberg says:

    Hi Bob,
    Did you happen to get a disk from Kenny Solbakken produced of the old times
    at the River.
    If not if you would forward his email to me so I can contact him and get a copy.
    Kenny and I went thru El Molino together.
    Thanks – Hope you are having fun. Patti

  2. Ken Solbakken says:

    Good morning Bob and Steve,
    As always I will be staying tuned. Have the time of your life, as it passes so quickly.
    Safe traveling, Ken

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