Loading Up and Prepping the Van for a Trip to the Usal Creek Area

Sunday March 27, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Headed up to The Lost Coast

Today, I planned to work on getting my van packed for a trip up the coast. I did all the pre-travel stuff like check the oil and water and tire pressures and made sure the stuff I would need for the trip is in the van.

I didn’t sleep too well last night as my rash burn is doing some healing and is very itchy. But I did get a couple hours sleep once I got up and had a nap.

That all meant my day was a little on the slow side, but I had plenty of time to get done what I needed to do.

Interior of the van

Here’s a picture of my van’s interior from the side doors. The wheeled office chair was one of the best things I did to the van as now I can sit and roll around and not have to walk around on my knees as there’s not enough room to stand up. I can sit in he chair and be comfortable while sitting though a storm or whatever. It’s almost like sitting in my kayak.I can kick back and put my feet up. My bed is on the floor in the back. I push the chair to the front and unfold the made up bed on the floor and am very comfortable. I found the floor the best place for the bed after much trail and error. Mostly it’s more  comfortable there and when it’s hot, it’s much cooler on the floor than up in the air.vaninterior


Dumped the sleeping bag

Over the years, I dumped my sleeping bag for sheets and blankets which are easier to wash and more comfortable than the sleeping bag which can tend to get a bit on the sweaty side some times. I have a four inch thick full bed piece of foam to sleep on which folds in half nicely for storage. As you might have noticed I like to nap a bit, so I wanted a way to keep the bed accessible to be used just about any time, so it was important to have a bed mostly ready to go and not have to be assembled and made up to use. And it was important not to have the bed take over the whole van and be in the way all the time, so this is working out fairly well. Folding up the bed also helps keep some of the dust off it while traveling around on dirt roads during the day.

Almost ready to head on out

I was just finishing up checking the tire pressures as it was getting dark. I’m waiting for some meds to come in the mail which should be in tomorrow’s mail, I hope. Then I will meet Steve and we will head on up the coast about three hours drive to a place called the Lost Coast. We will be going to a place called Usal Creek which is where the Usal creek meets the ocean. I plan to spend a few days to a week in that area exploring around and taking it easy. Steve will be trying to catch us some rock fish out of the ocean and I want to explore just north of Usal creek camp, up to a place called Shelter Cove, looking for places to camp and hang out and access the ocean.

Last post for a bit

There is no internet access in that area, so you likely won’t hear from me until we come back out of the area to Fort Bragg where I can get my posts up to date at MacDonald’s. I’m  not sure when that will be. I’m thinking it might be next weekend.  It might be about a week, so just sit tight while I’m out having fun, exploring around in the boonies.

That was my day.

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