Loading Up the Tree Limbs We Cut Down Yesterday

Friday April 3, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Cleaning up

Today it seemed like a good idea to start picking up the mess of tree limbs we made yesterday cutting down some trees.

Tom brought over the trailer with his tractor and I drug all the tree limbs about a 100 feet to the parked trailer.

It took all day but eventually I got the tree limbs cleaned up and it  looked like this.area


Loaded up

Here’s the trailer loaded up with the tree limbs and I’m beat now from working on this on and off most of the day.trailer


So I spent the rest of the day moving water sprinklers around the yard to water the weeds so they’ll grow faster for chicken feed. That required quite a bit of chair hopping to watch the sprinklers.

We had blue sky and sun all day.

Blue sky sunset

Here’s the sun as it was going behind the hills to my west.sky


It was good to get those limbs cleaned up and I got some good exercise too walking back and forth and loading things up.

Nice day.

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