Looking For High Camp By Babcock Peak

Thursday June 22, 2023 Babcock Peak, Modoc National Forest CA.

Headed to Babcock Peak to Explore

I’d plotted a route to the Babcock Peak area so that’s where we headed today. We traveled up this road.road1


I got lost at this intersection for some time as I knew we didn’t want to go to Milford as it was in the wrong direction. I tried all the other directions and each showed wrong on the gps map. But finally I went down the Milford road about two hundred yards and found the road I needed to take.lost2


We’d also travelled ten miles to get to this sign that said it was only 3 miles back to Murdock Xing where we left this morning from our base camp. Such is exploring.

Snow flower

We went up this road trying to get across to some other roads and spotted this red  snow flower on the side of the road.road2


A nice cluster of the snow flower in it’s prime.flower4


We were near the hills tops now and there were these big meadows.meadow5


Wet spot

We were going up this road when we ran into this wet spot.road8



Not going up the washed out road so we turned around and took another route.road7


We were traveling up on the hill tops now and getting close to where I wanted to look for a camp spot,………….But.road9


We were headed up this road to the end of the road, just up ahead.road10


Four tenths of a mile from the possible camp spot, the road turned to real wet for quite a ways.

We didn’t want to tear it up and since we were almost at the end of the road anyway, we turned around and started looking for a place to camp staying in the high country, back down the road.road11


Tonight’s camp spot

There weren’t  many flat spots by the road, so we took the first usable space we found by the road, about a half mile down from where we turned around.camp12



After a bit of a break, I went for a walk around the area of the camp spot and spotted some of these four inch puffball mushrooms.puffball15


The forest was excellent for walking so I went up  this ridge a ways.trees13


And stopped on that log to take a break.log14


I  headed back to the van from there and met Marty who  had just come back from his little hike.

We are camped here watching the clouds boom and thunder and hoping some rain showers might hit us tonight, just to mix things up a bit.

Nice day.

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