Lots of Birds at Jenner Today

Friday, May, 3, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Looked like the weather was going to be nice at Jenner Today

The sun was up when I got up this morning and the weather report for Jenner was for low wind and warm, so…………………. I was down there around eleven and put my boat in the water. Paddled across the river to Penny Island where I sat around for awhile. I saw Steve pull into the parking lot, so I waited for him to catch up.

We paddled up the river a mile or so at a leisurely pace, stopping along the way on the south shore line.

Steve checks out his new umbrella.

Steve mentioned that he should of brought out his new umbrella as the sun was making him hot and he also wanted to know how it would work for a sale, so we headed back to the launch area so he could get the rig.

He hooked the thing up and tried it in the light wind and it worked ok, but it was mainly for a sun break and it worked best for that.

There he is below slipping along in the light wind.



He played with that for awhile, then we were off to go down the back side of Penny Island, but while playing with his toys, the tide had gone out, so it was too shallow to get though, so back around the island to the deeper side and we made our way down to the west end of Penny Island.

A bunch of seagulls.

There were a bunch, and I mean a a bunch of seagulls resting on the west end of the island.

Below is what we saw on the west end of Penny Island as we went by. See all the seagulls?



As we were watching, something spooked the whole bunch of them and they took off in a mess, see below. Lucky they didn’t do anything on use. :O)



Terns are interesting birds to watch.

After the seagulls left, there were some Terns still on the island. One had a fish, which it must of saved after getting full for a later snack?  Maybe the one to the left of that one has a fish too, it seems to have something. See Below.



I didn’t notice this until I looked at these pics on the computer, but some of the terns had leg tags. The one below had several, …….must have been an important bird or something?



We paddled down to the river’s mouth and spent some time, then came back to the west end of Penny Island and went up the back channel. The plan was to land on the east end of Penny Island until the tide came in enough for us to pass up the channel.

We put ashore at Penny Island.

Below is where we went ashore on the east end of Penny Island on the backside.



We went ashore at Penny Island to take a break and look around.

Below is the old milk barn on the east end of Penny Island.



We walked around a bit, which isn’t easy because the island is so over grown with berries and plants.

We then took a break for awhile on the shore.

Below is where I sat and took a good break on the island. This is looking west down the back side of he island.


It was getting late now, almost seven PM. We headed back down the back channel to the west end of the island to see what the seals where up to as some of them were real active down that way.

The seals seemed to be fishing and playing, mostly mommy’s and their pups were about, just past the west end of Penny Island. We watched for a bit, then headed in for the day, around 7:30 PM.

That’s about 8 and a half hours out today, long enough for me. I went home and crashed for a bit and then got some dinner going.

Had a nice day a Jenner.

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