Made a Van Shelf, Mulch, Potatoes and Blueberries

Sunday June 12, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Constructing a shelf

I needed a place to store my Fantastic fan. That’s the name of it and it is when it’s hot in the van. Runs on twelve volts, plugs into a lighter socket.

I’m running out of places to put stuff in this little old van, so I looked and looked and finally settled on this place behind the propane fridge. I studied the job for a bit and then cut out some boards and screwed it all in. The fan barely fit, but it did.

This is looking in the van back doors at the back of the fridge and the shelf I constructed for the fan.fanshef


I need to do something about the hoses and wires that run the fridge. I see a 90 degree brass fitting would improve that, so I need to take the straight one off and get a 90 degree one to match the straight one. A trip to the store.

Moving mulch to the garden

A bit later I moved this redwood mulch to the potato patch as I want to soften up some of the dirt in there.mulch


Digging  potatoes

I dug a two foot trench across the patch taking out the dirt and the potatoes and putting in the mulch and mixing it in with the dirt as I put it back n the trench. I put the potatoes in the bucket.patch


Washing potatoes

I washed the potatoes, but before I took a photo of the potatoes, I went in the house and made some French fries first, out of the big ones, as I had the urge. Good.

Here’s the potatoes I harvested in that little section of dirt. I use the metal sheet to wash them on. A little slope and I can wash the dirt down off the potatoes. Works fairly well.potatoes


Mowing weeds and eating blueberries

After the sun went behind the mountain I gassed the weed mower and mowed a bunch of the yard, until I got tired out. I ran out of gas before it did.

I was walking by my blueberry patch and decided to eat a few when I got the idea I should pick a bowl of them to gobble up later, so I got  a bowl and picked some.blueberries


That was my day. Yummy. :O)

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