Marty and I Ride Up Into the Hills For a Visit and Moving Rocks

Saturday June 5, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Marty visits

I tended the chickens and shortly Marty drove in the driveway so we sat around and did some visiting shooting the bull. Of course we ate some cherries and raspberries and even a few blueberries.

A bit later I said lets throw a couple chairs in the Toyota and drive up into the forest and we can sit around and visit and I can get another load of rocks hauled to the crossing.

Toyota breaks, so no go, but

I tried to start the Toyota and the throttle cable broke at the carbonator so I said ok, I guess we aren’t going and so we sat down for a bit.toyota1


Fix it

After some thought I figured I could get the throttle cable repaired in about fifteen minutes or so it the parts weren’t rusted and frozen up so I got some tools and was able to get the cable apart and get it working again, good enough to go.

Visiting spot

We drove on up to this spot where I’d been working on getting an old trail open and pulled out the chairs and discussed a trip we want to make in the fall among other stuff, mostly bull.forest2


From there we drove up the road a bit and parked here and put the chairs out for a spell.ridgestop3


We sat here looking down the hill below us.lostridge4


Loading up rocks

We were taking it easy and running out of time so I drove on over to where there was some big rocks I wanted to load to fix a water crossing going down this road.road5


I put Marty in a chair and told him to supervise and stay out of the way while I loaded up the rocks.rock6


I loaded half the rocks and left the rest for another load.loadedup7


Unloading rocks

We left and headed down the hill to this water crossing.crossing8


I told Marty to sit down and watch but he did help unload some of the smaller stuff and we got it done.

It seems we’d used up the day so we headed back to my house.

Marty took off for home and I took off for a short nap.

After that it was chair hopping and eating more cherries and berries for me until it got dark.

Nice day.

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