Marty Comes By For a Visit, So I Put Him To Work In the Forest

Thursday April 6, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Dozer battery

Marty came by today for a visit. We sat around and shot the bull for a bit, then we loaded up the chainsaw on the quads and took the battery charger over to the bulldozer to put the battery on the charger.dozer


Forest work

There was a big rotten dead fir tree that I knew was across one of the roads so we headed on up that way to work on getting it off one of the roads.

On the way, this was the first tree we stopped to get off the road, an easy one.tree2


A bit further on, we ran into this one and cut it up and got it off the road.tree3


And this one was the next one. We were getting tired out before we got to the one we wanted to clear off the road, but that’s the way it goes.tree4


The big one

It wasn’t far before we arrived at the big dead fir tree that we came up here to clear.tree5


Poison oak vines

This tree had a bunch of big poison oak vines on it that fell down with the tree so we’d have to watch out for those.oak6


I carefully cut the poison oak vines off this log first. Then I cut the fir tree log into small enough pieces for us to roll them off the road, enough to get a jeep by.fir7


Break spot

That one was enough to tire us out so we headed up to this break spot at an overlook to take a break.quads8


Break spot view

Some rain was coming in tonight, so these clouds were coming in and the day was cooling down.view9


One last one

On the way home we stopped here to cut this little stuff out of the way. You can see Marty is a bit on the cold side. It didn’t take long to get this stuff cleared and we rode on home.cold10


Marty took off for his house and I went in for a nap.

Nice day playing in the forest, getting some exercise.

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