Marty Visits, a Dead Toyota, a Short Walk and Hungry Chickens

Friday November 19, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Marty visits

It was raining lightly when I got it going today. It was supposed to stop last night but it didn’t so it was going to screw up my plans today, maybe.

My friend Marty showed up in his old van around noon for a visit and the light rain finally stopped.marty


We sat around and did some chair hopping catching up on stuff and just shooting the bull about old times.

Ride canceled

Since the rain stopped we could now take my Toyota up into the hills for a ride so I tried to start it up but it was dead, dead, dead.

I checked things out and found a very loose battery clamp so just thought I could tighten it up, but no, the battery was really dead.

I set the charger on it and will have to do some maintenance on the clamps soon too.charger


Short walk

Well since that ride was out we opted to take a short walk over to my brother’s garden to find an apple to eat.


We made it over there when the strawberry patch caught our eye. There were only a few berries left, just enough for a taste.

No dry sitting spots

Then we found some apples and ate one of those each. I was looking for a place to sit down for a spell and enjoy the apples but everything was just too wet so we worked our way back to my house and sat and took it easy until Marty left for home.


I haven’t been letting the chickens into the front yard lately so as to let the weeds grow more, otherwise they eat the new weeds down to the ground and that usually kills most of them.

But today I think at least some of the weeds are big enough to take some eating every couple of days or so and the chicken’s were eager to get in.chickens


So I opened the gate just slightly so I could count how many chickens I have as they are hard to count otherwise.

I counted 60 chickens. I need to butcher some of them soon as otherwise they will eat everything in sight.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Too bad that the batteries were the reason for no ride today. Sounds like Marty at least brought the dry weather.

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