Marty Visits and We Take a Ride Up Into the Hills

Friday April 30, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Ride into the hills

My friend Marty was coming by today for a visit and I thought it would be a good idea to take a ride up into the hills.

When he arrived we walked around the yard and shot the bull a bit and then hopped in the Toyota and drove on up to the Guerneville overlook at the ridge top here.ridgetop


Enjoying the day

We put two chairs in the back before we left so we sat here and shot the bull and made some traveling plans and just enjoyed the day.sitplace



Our view of Guerneville from that spot.guerneville


A bit of work

After a good break there we worked our way across the property where there was this little rock slide on the road that I wanted to load up to fill in a drainage ditch crossing at the bottom of the hill. I told Marty to sit down and supervise while I loaded up the


So I loaded up the Toyota with rocks and we started down the hill.loadedup



I knew there were some trees across the road so I had brought  my chainsaw along to cut them out. This was a little one.tree


Stopped for a drink

Then we stopped at this spring to check it out and get a drink of water before continuing on down the hill.spring


More rocks

I went by this other pile of rocks and decided to just use the sledge hammer to break them up a bit into these smaller pieces to pick up some other time.shale


Unloading the rocks

We continued on down the hill and stopped at the crossing that needed the rocks and I unloaded them while Marty supervised again.

Unloading is much quicker than loading and that didn’t take long and we drove on back to my house.

That took most of the day.

Nice day.

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