Messing Around In the Redwood Forest

Friday January 14, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Sunny day

The sun was out nicely as I got it going today. So what to do?

Trail work

I rode the quad runner up into the redwood forest to the waterfall and did some trail work for a couple hours until my back said it had enough.falls1


This is the view of the forest from the waterfall.forest2


Quad ride

My back didn’t last too long today, so I went for a ride in the forest up this road.road3


I was just riding around looking at stuff. I rode down this trail.trail4


And out this ridge where I wanted to check an area out.road5


Walk in the forest

I parked the quad and walked through the forest here having a look.walk6


There wasn’t much of a trail where I walked but it was still fairly easy going.forest7


Resting spot

I rested a bit under these redwood trees before continuing on for a bit and then turning around and heading back to the quad runner.forest8


Tree down

I was clipping along good when I ran into this downed tree across the road that was a bit too big for me to move, but I did  have a rope with  me, so.blocked9


I hooked up the rope and pulled the tree out of the way enough for me to pass.quad10


Hill view spot

From there I headed up to the Guerneville Overlook where I sat on a log for a bit just enjoying the sunshine.seats11


Headed home

And then I was off down this ridge road headed towards home.ridge11


On the way I stopped to throw this brush off the road, although my back was complaining a bit.brush12


Darn hawk

Once home I sat with the chickens until it was time to go in for the day. That hawk has been still harassing the chickens and keeping them on their toes watching for it. They are hanging together here as they are weary of the hawk.chickens13


That was a pretty good day messing around in the forest.

Nice day.

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One Response to Messing Around In the Redwood Forest

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    That forest is pretty darn thick in places!
    Interesting pictures ofit from different angles.
    I do love your overlook spot. I’d love to sit in a lounge chair with a good book on a sunny day. :)
    Darn hawk, is right! Stay away from those chickens!

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