MJ Try’s Out Barry’s Hobbie At Jenner

Thursday January 7, 2021 Jenner CA.

Kayak day

My brother Barry’s wife wanted to try out his new Hobbie kayak he just got to see if she wanted one too. These kayaks also have pedals as well as paddles so for some people the pedals make it easier to get around than the paddles do. And the pedals are nice if one is fishing off their kayak which Barry plans to do.

Here’s MJ as we first put in the water with Barry giving her instructions.hobbie


Closed river mouth

The mouth was closed and the water was up real high so most of the island was flooded so we paddled onto it first.

Flooded island.island


Then we paddled down to the closed river’s mouth here where you can see the sand dam the ocean pushes up to close the mouth. The water level is at the top and should open soon.  And the ocean is real rough and at low tide.mouthclosed


There were lots of logs and debrie flouting around in the water which happens when the mouth closes and the water level raises up. The water level down here gets higher with the mouth closed then it does from the winter high waters of the river.closed


Booming sounds

MJ and Barry checking out the closed mouth and the big waves coming in off the ocean making a lot of booming sounds as the waves hit the shoreline.boats


Figuring it out

MJ was trying to figure something out on the new boat with Barry’s help which they finally did.figuringout


We paddled by the harbor seals then MJ said she was headed back in.seals


River’s end

She started back in while Barry and I paddled down to the end of the river and he got out to have a look at the ocean just over the sandy beach here.shore



Eventually we headed back in also to catch up with his wife. The gulls were coming in from someplace off feeding in the ocean and settling down on the river to rest and preen.birds



With the mouth closed the water level is at flood stage and starting to flood these houses.houses


Boat ramp

Barry caught up with his wife to help her out on the boat ramp.ramp


Barry’s wife MJ liked the kayak very mush so I think she is going to get one of them.

We loaded up and headed for my house where I gave Barry the snare cages I poured lead into so he can put the snare loops he’s been working on, on them.

Chicken pen work

After they left I got my wire cutters and some wire and cut two small logs to length for some little chicken roosts for a little side pen.roost


I wired the roosts into place here.roostup


Gate mending

Then I noticed the bottom of this gate’s wire was rusted out and loose so I looked for some heavier gauge wire but didn’t have any so I had to use more chicken wire to repair it. It will also rust out in a short time so I need to get some heavier wire the next time I go to the stores so I have some on hand for such repairs.wire


I sat out in the yard for awhile until the evening chill started to come in and I went into the house.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I just love seeing those little seal faces.

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