Too Many Boats For Barry and I To Salvage while Paddling Down the River

Wednesday October 27, 2021 Russian River CA.

  Russian River paddle

I was talking with Barry on the phone last night and suggested he might want to do a shuttle from Monte Rio to Jenner as the water was moving pretty good.

So he came over this morning and we loaded the boats on my car.


We then drove both rigs down to Jenner to leave his truck and we drove my car with the boats back to Monte Rio and put in at the muddy boat ramp.ramp1


We put in and headed down the river on the current. The water was muddy but it didn’t matter.river2


Kayak salvage

We didn’t’ get very far when we spotted a boat that had broken loose up river somewhere and floated down to this spot where it got stuck.salvage3


A double

The kayak turned out to be a double and in fairly good shape so Barry tied a rope to it and put it in tow for the trip down the river.yak4


We had a little sun off and on. These turtles were enjoying the sun when they could.turtle6


We drifted on down the river, not having to paddle much.river8


These ducks watched as we passed on by.ducks9



We got a little more sun as we approached the Jenner area.river10


Barry wanted to go to shore here to empty some of the water out of the salvaged kayak at Marcum hole.shore11


We paddled on by these ducks as we got back on the water and continued on down the river.ducks12



We spotted a lot of boats up ahead in the water.yaks13



There were four boats in the water and they were all tied up with a locked cable. We pulled on them a bit but decided they were too much work and not that good of kayaks anyway so we left them.kayaks14


When we got to the boat ramp we ran into a guy with a kayak that had brought some bolt cutters and salvaged one of the boats before we got to them.


We continued on down the river and were approaching the Jenner area where things got a bit foggy.jenner15


Another one

And unfortunately we spotted another boat on the upper end of Penny Island so we had to go check it out as it looked like a fairly good boat.boat15


Well, Barry didn’t need a big boat like that so after some consideration we left it there for someone else that might need a boat.

Jenner boat ramp

We made it to the Jenner boat ramp and took some time getting the three yaks loaded on his truck and then we drove on home to my house to unload which we did and Barry took off for home.

Now that was a nice trip down the river.

Nice day.

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