More Bulldozer Work on the Roads

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

Started out the day with a walk

I had to walk about three quarters of a mile,mostly flat ground to get back to where I left the bulldozer last night. It was a nice walk, still early in the day and everything was nice and fresh in the forest.

This old shed and BBQ pit was on the way up there.



And this trail is one of the original roads used to log this area.



The Dozer was right where I left it, just sitting there waiting for me to get with it. It started right up, warmed it up a bit and was on my way to work on some more roads. Back up the hill, I was going to the top today.



Mostly, I was clearing a lot of dead Tan Oak trees off the road that had died from Sudden Oak disease a few years ago and now they are all falling.

The below picture, I am clearing these trees off the road.



As you can see below, some of the trees are fairly good size, that’s why I’m using the bulldozer. I am on a road and that is the road in front of the dozer, somewhere under all those trees. One has to be careful when pushing these trees as they can come into the cab and run you though, it you are not careful. After all, it’s you against the trees.



I stopped for a little break just before I got to the top of the hill, below.



Below is a picture looking down on the town of Guerneville from the ridge top. Those are some Korbel grape vines and Guerneville is behind them. There is also a river called the Russian River down there in the trees also.



Just a scene of an old road going though the forest below, near the ridge top. Working my way back down the hill.



From there I worked my way over to the lost forty and did those roads. Below is a picture of the dozer at Evergreen Pass. Almost done, but still have one more road to do and it’s going to get dark soon.



On the way to the last road to do, I spotted this on the road.. Looks to be a dead Turkey Vulture.



I cleared off the last road, but not before it got dark on me. It got too dark to drive the tractor, so I had to park it up the hill and walk about a mile and a half down the hill to my house. Did I mention it was dark and I didn’t have a light. I stumbled down the hill , watching and listening for the bogyman, but didn’t come in contact with him or any other wild animals either, but I was thinking of them. :O) I picked up a big stick, just in case. When I got down to the flat meadow area, I was day dreaming or night dreaming I guess and found myself out in the field walking though some berry bushes, how did that happen and where was I? Took me awhile to make sure I was still headed home  in the dark and ran off the road once more before getting down to where there were some lights from a house.

Now, somewhere along the way, a big truck must of ran into me, because after sitting down for a bit, when I tried to get back up, my whole body sure felt like it had been run over by a big truck. I think this bulldozer work is catching up to me, it just couldn’t be my age? :O)

I think I’ll take it easy tomorrow and go kayaking and leave the little bit of bulldozer work that is left for another time.

Was a great day up in the hills going over the roads in the forest, just enjoying the property.

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