More Resting Up at Scott’s Ranch

Friday August 21, 2015 Scott’s Camp Nevada

I got up late to another nice day. Most of the smoke from fires in other states is clearing out for the first time in about two weeks.

This would be a rest up day to let the body and mind catch up with our adventure the other day. Around noon a guy from Reno pulled in, but we were here first, so he went back up the road a ways.

Steve took off for a hike down the river while I stayed in camp and worked on catching up my blog. I had way too  many good pictures which always makes putting a blog together much more difficult, as I try to keep it down to ten pics, but usually it takes about fourteen to tell my story. I ended up with thirty pictures and had to work to reduce that number down to I know not what. I got her done.

Later in the afternoon, the guy from Reno came by again in his four wheeler. He was a guide and a constructor. We shot the bull for an hour or so, exchanging information on this area.

He left and I sat down pondering a hike up the river in the water, but it was so nice out, I didn’t get that together.

Steve showed up from his hike. He said there was a lot of small fish in the river and he had found a bed of freshwater clams which we will look into later. I knew from exploring around this area that the Indians ate a lot of these fresh water clams as there are piles of shells by some of the caves I’ve seen.

The rest of the day, we spent just sitting around camp and taking it easy. I think we’ll spend another day here.

We decided not to go into Oregon as if we did we’d have to rush more and we just don’t have enough time, so we canceled that and are just going to relax in this area, working our way home.

Most of the fire smoke cleared out of the area by dark, so we had a real starry night.

Nice day taking it easy at Scott’s Ranch.

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