Mostly Rain Today But I Did Get Out Into the Yard For a Bit

Sunday December 26, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

I got it going today around noon and went out to feed the chickens. It wasn’t raining at the moment but it soon started up again so I was back in the house.

I always have plenty of house work that needs done but I didn’t feel like doing any of that today so I mostly watched YouTube videos. I mostly watch educational stuff as I’ve mostly got tired of watching killing type movies as I’ve had enough of them.

Murder mysteries

Have you ever thought of the fact that likely the most read books are murder mysteries? What kind of society would do that, eh?

It’s pretty much the same for movies.

I used to do that just like most other people but just can’t see the point in it anymore. I think my mind can find better things to do than that.

Learned some stuff

Anyway I did learn a few things watching videos and the day passed.

Rest up day

I tried going outside when the rain slowed down a couple times but it was chilly out there so it must be a rest up day.

Outside for a bit

The rain slowed down around 4:30 for a bit so I went out to let the chickens out to graze in the front yard as they were waiting at the gate.gate



There they go out to graze. They are always fun to watch as they go as they are so excited to be feeding in this part of the yard as I only let them into it just before dark so they don’t’ tear it up too much.chickens


Redwood stump

I checked the creek that flows behind my house and spotted this big piece of a redwood stump that was about to fall into the creek. I need to get it to fall into the creek before the creek comes up that high and causes the bank to wash out. I couldn’t figure out an easy way to do that today and it started to rain some more.stump


This is what the creek looks like right now. It sometimes does come right up to the top when it rains real hard.creek



With the rain starting up again I decided to give the chickens a bit of extra feed where it was dry in their main chicken pen.feeding


If I stayed out I would get wet and it was almost dark so I called it a day.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Mostly Rain Today But I Did Get Out Into the Yard For a Bit

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Merry Christmas, Bob!
    Sorry it’s a bit late.
    I’m one of those who likes good murder mysteries. Makes me feel blessed not to have such troubles in my life I guess. :)

  2. Terry P says:

    Can you chain saw the redwood stump by the creek?

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