Moving Camp and Driving to Bruneau Idaho Working My Way To the Jarbidge Area

Thursday August 8, 2019 Bruneau Idaho

A bit of a drive today

I’m at the little town of Bruneau at the library using their Wi-Fi.

Just a little note to say I made it down here without any problems. I traveled mostly the side roads so it hasn’t been too stressful which is always nice. I tend to poke a bit on those roads.

So my plan is to go out for an evening ride to watch for wildlife. I’ll be taking the Three Creeks gravel road that goes over to the Jarbidge main in road. It’s a ways so I might not make it but if I do I’ll likely camp on one of the camp spots by the road on the East Fork of the Jarbidge River which looks a bit more like a big creek.

I’m be working my way back to Winnemucca Nevada going the slow ways. It might be a while before I get internet again. Ill post when I do.

Nice day cruising down the highways.

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