Moving Rocks, Winter Squash, and Visiting Relatives

Friday November 24, 2023 Guerneville CA.


I started out the day by hauling a couple wheel barrel loads of rocks to fill in this spot just below the big redwood tree to keep the water from undercutting the tree. I’ve learned to only load the wheel barrel up half way so I can push it with the rock in it. I’s much easier on my back that


I was going to work on the bulkhead project but my cousin’s kids were up to visit. I guess they are no longer kids.

I took the rest of the day off thinking I might come back later to do some work..

Headed up into the hills

I hopped on the dirt bike and started towards the hills, but stopped to see what Tom and Dominique were working on in the garden. They were harvesting winter squash for the farmers market. Dominique is holding up one of the winter squash they are picking.harvest


Cousin’s place

I continued on up the hill to my cousin’s place. She lives on the top of one of the hills up there.view


We had a good visit and I arranged some work to do on her place when I get the new toy as I need to learn how to operate the new machine and fixing up her stuff would be perfect to do that. We ride our dirt bikes on her place so I’d be doing the work as a favor.visit4


I headed on home with intentions of doing some more work on the bulkhead, but it was late in the day and the sun went behind the hills, so that didn’t happen.

Crab for dinner tonight.

Nice day.

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