Moving the Chicks Roost and Adding the Gate Extension

Saturday September 21, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Move the roost

I had two projects today. One and the one I started with was to move the chicks roost to a better spot. I was also going to make it just a little smaller.

Old roost

Here’s the old roost I need to take down and then I will put it up on the right side there.roost


Chick feeder

One of the reasons I wanted to move the roost is to get enough room to build a chick feeder pen that’s just for the chicks.

Here’s the new peeps feeding in a small enclosure I built for them for the purpose but I’d like a bigger one.peeps


I got my tools out and took the old roost down and put this one up in the spot on the right. I  made this one a little lower than the other one so the big chickens have more room for their heads when they use it.newroost


Ramp instead of a ladder

The old roost had a ladder for the birds to get up to the roost but I thought there must be a better way that didn’t take up so much room so I build this ramp for them to go up.ramp


Here’s another view of the ramps for them to get up to the roost even the littlest ones can use this to get up. I put the ladder in there just until they learn to use the new ramp. I watched them for awhile as it got dark and at least two chicks used the ramps instead of the ladder so the ramp should work out.chickens


I got done what I wanted to do on the new roost and cleaned up and put my tools and stuff away.

The gate extension

After a good break I started on the second project for the day. This gate is too short and needs to have an extension I built the other day welded on to it so I had to dig it up and remove it and take it over to the welder to do the job.gate


Helper arrived just in time

I got the gate all welded up and drug it back to the spot when my brother’s helper drove the golf cart up and wanted to get through. Good timing as some help putting this new gate back up would make a hard job an easy one and it was.

New gates up

We got the gate back up and that was about as far as I got on this project for the day. It still needs wire and some other stuff so I’ll continue to work on it tomorrow.newgate


Planning for tomorrow

Just before dark I sat in my chair and studied the project for the work I need to do tomorrow for this project. I need to adjust the fence that is there and add another fence that isn’t there yet.

I mostly puttered away at those jobs, just keeping at it gets it done.

Nice day puttering around.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get that gate up and lucky you had some help as well.
    Puttering around always makes for a fun day.

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