Mowing Weeds, Thinning Peaches, Eating Mulberries and Digging Dirt

     Monday August 10, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Finished the fertilizing

I finished putting chicken manure on the raspberry patch and then put some more on the blueberry patch to finish up the fertilizer work.

The blueberry patch is fertilized with chicken manure.buckets


Mowing weeds

This area by the raspberry patch needs the weeds mowed. The weeds are this high as I haven’t let the chickens in this area because they’d eat the raspberries so the weeds have grown a bit.weeds


Little peaches

I got the weed mower out and got it started and mowed the area which looks a lot better now and better fire protection too. That peach tree is loaded with peaches and I should have thinned out the peaches but I didn’t get around to it and now they are getting ripe but instead of being large peaches I have a bunch of real small peaches.mowed


See, too many peaches makes for small peaches, lots of them.peaches2


Thinning peaches

So I worked on thinning out this other peach tree that hasn’t ripened yet but will soon.peach


Lots of green peaches on the ground after thinning the tree.peaches


Eating mulberries

My mulberry tree’s berries have been getting ripe so I put the ladder up and have been eating lots of the ripe ones.tree


The mulberries don’t all ripen at once which extends the eating period for a few weeks or so.raspberries


Chicken pen maintenance

Another thing I did was to turn some of the dirt over in the young birds pen. When I did it last time I just turned it over and the chickens didn’t do much with it but this time I made a pile of it and they like this.dirt


I also turned over this dirt in the mulch pen and piled it up for the large birds. Again the piles were inviting to the chickens and they scratched and ate what they could and also used the soft dirt for dust baths.rooster


Plums for drying

I’ve been keeping an eye on these plums and eating some too. When they get real ripe I’ll pick them and dry them out as this tree is very good dried. They are almost ready to pick for the drier. Real ripe  makes the best dried ones as there is more sugar in the real ripe ones so they dry out better.plums


The evening was nice so I mostly chair hopped and enjoyed the day watching my chickens do their thing.

Nice day.

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