Peep Prepping and Some Weed Mowing

Saturday April 25, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Yard putter day

When I got it going today and went outside it was a real nice spring day.

I sat around for a bit enjoying the day and then went back in the house and got something to eat.

Prepping for peeps

After that it was back outside sitting around chair hopping until I got the urge to sweep out the chicken feed shed. It only took a few sweeps to get that done.shed


I then brought in the little chicken pen I made yesterday for newly  born chicks. Just getting stuff ready. My new egg incubator will be here soon.chickpen


Mowing weeds

While doing some chair hopping around the yard I noticed the weeds in the back by the raspberry patch are getting high. I’ve not let the chickens in here as I have new raspberry plants I don’t want them to dig up so I have to cut the weeds.

I gassed up the old mower and got it started in this spot.mower


I mowed all this and bagged it and put the clippings in the wheelbarrow and took them over to the chicken pen.weeds


I dumped the clippings in the mulch pen and the chickens sure went for them.feed


Rough stuff

After a good break doing some more chair hopping I took off the clipping collecting bag from the mower and mowed some places in the yard where ivy has been creeping in. That’s pushing the mower through some rough areas and that really did me in for the day.

Nice spring day puttering around in the yard, locked down. :O)

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Finally, I can say that we had a lovely day as well. :)

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