Much Needed Shopping Day For Me and the Chickens

Monday April 27, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I haven’t been shopping since this virus thing hit so I needed to get it done so I can have some goodies to eat.

Protection equipment

I got my mask and gloves and a hat and headed for the shopping centers.

Feed store

Frist stop was the feed store to get some feed for my chickens. The owner was behind the cash counter. He said he’s open but losing money as it costing him more to stay open then he’s making each day. He said he has about a third of his business.

What’s essential

I usually get oats and barley and sunflower seeds for the chickens. Oats and barley no problem but the sunflower seeds are considered not essential as they are considered bird seed which is not considered essential so I wasn’t able to get the sunflower seeds which I use to increase the protein for my chickens so they lay more and bigger eggs. I also feed them millet and milo but they fall into the same bird feed category. Strange they may not be essential to wild birds but they are essential  to my chickens. Oh well it is what it is for now.

Some guys loaded up the feed in my car and I continued on.

Some trading

I detoured to Rene’s place as he had some fish he was trading for some eggs. We shot the bull for some time and sorta made some future plans for me to come up to Port Orford Oregon to help him finish up some electrical work his fired electrical guy never finished on his new place up there.

Beans at Cash and Carry

I continued on to Cash and Carry where I hoped to purchase a big bag of Navy Beans. I donned my mask and gloves and went on in. The bean department was in bad shape. They didn’t have the regular brand of beans I usually buy, so I had to buy another brand of small white beans and it was their last bag. I also bought a bag of bigger white beans. I eat a lot of beans to avoid corn.

The smile cover up

I was going down the isle and a lady was coming the other way so we both turned the same way to avoid  each other crashing but we both turned the same way then recovered. I looked up at the ladies face who was looking at me and was disappointed not to see her smile because of the mask. I thought that part sucked about the masks.

Stock up at Costco

From there I drove the short distance to Costco. I donned my mask and gloves again and entered the store. They’d done away with the entrance lines. I  had a list and bought double or triple of what I usually do.

All right that’s enough shopping as it’s not my favorite thing to do so I headed for home.

In the fridge

Once I got home I had to get the fish and the cold stuff in as it was a warm day. I got that done and I was done so a nap was in order.

Feed sacks

After the nap I finished unloading the food I bought and then unloaded the 7 sacks of chicken feed I bought into the feed shed. That’s chore as those feed sacks are heavy and awkward and wear me out.

Yep another little nap and then it was time to let the chickens out to graze for the day so I let them out and did some chair hopping.

The evening was nice out so I sat in the yard until the chickens went to roost and I did the same going into the house.

Nice day and glad to get the shopping done.

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