My Day at Emergency at the San Francisco VA Hospital

Tuesday October 17, 2017 VA Hospital, San Francisco CA.

Chiropractor then off to the VA hospital

Well, to tell the story or not? Since this is my daily journal so to speak, I’m telling the story.

At 9:30 I went to see my chiropractor. He said he wasn’t going to treat me for Leaky gut as I was already doing what needed to be done as far as what to eat and what not to. He also said I have very little wrong with me as far as chiropractor stuff goes. He did an adjustment and I left from there and headed down to San Francisco VA. I arrived about noon. I went straight to emergency as I didn’t have any appointments. Dr. Paul was my doctor in emergency. I told him what my two problems were.

Problem one

First, I have an infection in my salivating gland duct that needed taking care of. He said he’d get a guy to look at the duct, but it was lunch time so make myself comfortable while the docs eat.

Dr. Paul and another guy came into the room and I showed the guy my infected duct tube which was swollen up. He looks and says he’s never seen a duct swollen up like mine was.

So he says he has to check for stones. Unfortunately that means taking his thumb and forefinger and squeezing the duct tube which about put me through the roof, but he said no stone in there, ouch though from me. So he says we’ll have to do some antibiotics. I say fine, but you will need to find an antibiotic without corn stuff in it, which is not easy to do, but he did find one he thought would work a bit later.

Problem two

Next he brought a lady dermatalogous in. By now I was wearing one of those gowns that tie in the back and mostly fall off. So I show her all dropping the gown and letting her look at all my body rashes. My problem is the rashes have changed lately and I’m thinking something else is going on rash wise in addition to my corn rash. I think this mostly because as far as I know I’ve gotten away from any corn in my body for over a mouth, but this rash is slowly getting worse. She asks a bunch of questions and then leaves. When she comes back she says some other doctors want a look. About eight people come into the room and check me out while I’m standing there nude. I answer their questions.

Four biopsies ouch

She then takes me over to the derma section where she says she needed to take some biopsies, four of them on my legs. I say ok.

So I got four of these sites a biopsy sample needs to be cut out. Well, she’s lousy with a numbing needle, Ouch. I was getting needle shy by the forth one. Once numb she takes 4 eighth inch diameter plugs out of my skin and one half inch skin shaving like a skin graph would be.

This is likely the best thing that happens

Next she says would I be interested in coming down at 8:30 Monday morning to a special group of doctors from San Francisco medical university. She says this one guy is a guru that solves complex problems and they go over certain cases on Monday morning. So I’m to be their prime case Monday morning.

I gave her the go on that as that’s just what I need, some doctors that think out of the box.

She says she has some more doctors that want to check out my rash. Before the day was done I think about fifty doctors took a look at me as my case stands out.

So after that she sends me up to the lab to give some blood so they can test  to make sure I have all the right chemicals in my body.

Actually that was the second blood draw of the day as the duct doc needed blood for some tests earlier.

No steroids yet please

She does offer me some steroids for my pain which I decline as they can introduce other problems so I’ll save them for a time I have to have some which I hope is never.

I complained

I did complain that previous doctors only give me a small tube of stuff which is useless to one that has a full body rash. She said she’d take care of that. When I picked up my drugs I was surprised to find a big shopping bag full of stuff. 12 tubes of steroidal type ointment. There were also about a six month supply of oatmeal bath stuff that is supposed to relieve itching. This oatmeal goes in a tub of water which I soak in.

I got dressed and the derma doc took me back to emergency.

And another doc

A short time later she comes back with a doc from the VA that attends the  Monday morning meetings, so I removed my cloths again so he could have a look.

Concerned about traffic

By now it’s 3 PM and traffic is getting starting to get bad and I’m not going out into it.

I still need to go down and get my drugs which takes about another hour.

Did I get corned

Once I have the drugs I go back to my car and take one of the antibiotic capsules. About an hour later I start to get a corn type itch, so I go back to the pharmacy to see if I can find out what the inactive ingredients are.

The pharmacist comes back and says one of the inactive ingredients is corn starch so I took the paper back to Doc Paul. He looks at the sheet and says there is corn starch in the capsule part of the pill. I say ok, I can just dump the stuff out of the capsule and take it without the capsule. The practice is to dump the contents of the capsule out into some apple sauce and eat that, but I have no corn free apple sauce but on the way home I found a solution.

I was sure wrong about the traffic

So I go back to my car and start reading a book until I think the traffic has died down a bit about 6:30. Unfortunately I was wrong and the traffic was stop and go most of the way home. On the way I stopped to do some shopping in Sebastopol. I want some Breyer’s chocolate ice cream the only ice cream I know that is corn less. But that give me an idea. Dump the capsule out on a spoon of ice cream which I found goes down real well.

Pain kicks in

On the way home the biopsy site pain killer  started wearing off, but not too bad, just some stinging pain. I’d forgotten about those biopsy sites until then. Just add a little more pain to what I already had. They did give me some Tylenol type meds for the pain, but I declined to use them unless the pain got a lot worse. This is because these kinds of pills and the antibiotics are known to help cause leaky gut. The antibiotics are known to punch holes in the gut and kill gut fauna which is totally important for proper digestion and proper body metabolism.

I got home about 8:30 and went over to my brother Tom’s who lives next store to let him and his girl friend know what was up. They were worried since I came home late and even called the VA to see if I had been admitted. I filled them in and went on home.

Actually a pretty productive day, considering everything.

A spoon full of ice cream make the medicine go down

I’m just taking my third antibiotic which makes me think of a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, but in my case a spoon full of ice cream helps the medicine go down. :O)

That’s it.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Good luck! No one person should have to deal with so much! At least they are taking the time to fully search for the problem.

  2. SallyB says:

    Feel better !!!

  3. Pam in Louisiana says:

    They really put you ‘through the wringer’ today as my dad used to say! Good that you thought of the ice cream to take the meds. Hope something helpful comes out of next Mondays’ visit.

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