My Experience With the Chiropractor and Not a Good Time to Shop Around Here with the Fires in the Area

Tuesday October 10, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Working on my corn problem

Today I had my first chiropractor appointment. This is a new experience for me as originally I considered chiropractors as bone manipulators fixing screwed up bones which they are, but what they are really doing is  making sure all the nerves are working properly so the body can communicate and repair itself. Nerves are the body’s communication system that makes all parts of the body work together. If all parts of the body can communicate properly with good nerves, than the body can work to repair things that aren’t working properly.

He said he didn’t find anything real bad with my system,  but I had some minor problems he worked on which seemed to feel better once he did his thing.

Talking diet

We talked a bunch about my diet which he concluded I was doing mostly the right things already and keep doing it. He did make some good suggestions for healing leaky gut.

Trying to avoid corn stuff and GMO stuff

My real main problem right now is trying to stay away from corn derived stuff as it’s in most of our foods, drinks and meds and it’s what seems to be  my main puncher of holes in my small intestine. I also need to stay away from GMO stuff.  One little dose of corn stuff and I’m screwed up for over two weeks. I don’t really know how long each corn hit lasts as I’ve never been able to stay away from getting into the corn stuff for very long. I’ve reframed from corn stuff for just over a month now successfully and my rash and  symptoms start to get better then I get hit again and I repeat the process. In the process I am slowly learning about more ways corn is put into our food. It’s also very possible the GMO’s are one of the culprits in this, but there is no way of dealing with that except trying to stay away form GMO stuff which is also very  hard to do, almost as bad as trying to stay away from the corn.

Anyway I was pretty satisfied with what Doctor Murphy did in Forestville today, so I will continue with him for a bit.

The zoo at Wal-Mart

After the appointment I wanted to go to Wal-Mart to get some transmission oil for the dozer and also pick up some B12 which I’m a little low on.

I noticed the parking lot was pretty full and I had to hunt up a cart. I picked up the oil and noticed long lines behind every cash register in the store. Even the Electronics department was processing groceries.

This is all because of all the fires around the Santa Rosa area right now. I should mention that it was very smoky in the Santa Rosa area.

No shopping today

Needless to say, I left the store for another time and drove on home.

At least I got the B12

I checked the gas stations in Guerneville. One was busy and the other was out of gas with the tanker truck just filling up the station. I went into the local drug store for some B12 supplements and then drove on home.

That was pretty much my day.

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3 Responses to My Experience With the Chiropractor and Not a Good Time to Shop Around Here with the Fires in the Area

  1. gk questions says:

    Thank you for sharing such valuable info.

  2. Bob Noble says:

    GMO= Genetically Modified which lots of docs believe these are one of the things that punch holes in the small intestine causing leaky gut.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    Wow, that must really be tough to do research and then stay away from corn products. What is GMO? I should know but drawing a blank.
    Good luck with your shopping, hopefully the fires will soon die out.
    Glad Doc Murphy was able to help.

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