Mysterious Chicken Videos and Marty and I Visit Most of the Day

Friday May 24, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Someone’s at the door

I was making my dinner this morning about noon when I heard a knock at the front door. It turned out to be Marty who had come to get a small piece of polypro plastic from me. He’s been working on his van’s throttle linkage and needed a piece to help repair it. He has a van like mine.

How’s he doing that?

He was telling me he’s been watching my chickens on his red computer that I’d recently given back to him. I had worked on the computer for him and tried out the PTZ cam software on it when I had it. I thought he must be watching recorded video from a folder on the computer but I was wrong. He enjoyed watching my chickens and wanted to know if there was sound too as he’d like to hear them.

I said yes there is sound just turn it on at the bottom of the window so I showed him how. While doing that I realized the picture he was getting was over the internet and was real time as the folders that would have had previous recorded videos from the chickens were empty. I do remember setting something up on the camera manufacturer’s web page to do this sort of thing when I got the camera but it was only a free ten day trail, but somehow it must be on and working.

Front door viewer

He needs a camera on his front door so we talked about using a camera such as the one I use on his front door using his red laptop as a viewer.

Chicken pen

After that we went out to the chicken pen and checked things out about the camera out there and things I’d installed to run my chicken operation more easily. He use to have a farm with chickens so has a pretty good understanding of chickens. I’m still learning as  I go. We rounded up a dozen eggs for him.

Cutting Plastic

We did some more sitting then I rounded up some tools and the plastic Marty wanted. I cut the plastic with my jig saw and it cut hard. When I’d cut all the way through I removed the saw and the plastic was still solid like I’d never cut it. The heat from the saw blade had welded the plastic back together just as fast as I cut it. OK, we’ll use the table saw so we cut it with that and it worked this time.

Can you walk a bit

Marty is just recovering from a bad back he got down in Quartzsite a couple months ago and needs to get back in shape so I suggested a little walk across the road and over to one of my brother’s gardens if he thought he could make it, if not we could turn back.

Red skinned chickens

So we did that and took our time walking over there and checked things out. My brother has a bunch of chickens over there and we noticed a bunch of their skin was dark red and there were a lot of missing feathers. Hummmm, what’s that about?

We took our time returning to my house and he made it ok and he said that was the longest walk he’s done so far and I think he passed.

Garlic rolls in

When we got back to my house we were sitting in chairs taking it easy when my brother Tom pulled up in his golf cart. He had about a half dozen freshly picked garlic heads for Marty.


We told him about his red skinned chickens with lots of feathers missing and he said they are molting, something I thought they did in the fall. Learned something else.

Eventually Marty says it’s time for him to get home so he headed on home.

Time fly’s

I went in the house and was surprised to see it was almost 5 PM already. Nap time.

Not much happened the rest of the day and I was surprised I had not gotten my camera out today so no pics.

Nice day

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2 Responses to Mysterious Chicken Videos and Marty and I Visit Most of the Day

  1. George Yates says:

    It was nice to spend the day with Marty , and hope he is walking much better. Great that you could learn more about your chickens.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Wow, that would be very cool for Marty to watch your chickens. I laughed at that!
    Glad he is able to get out for a walk now, hope it improves for him.
    Must have been a pleasurable day with company and no work for a change.
    We all need those!

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