New Bracket Work, The New BP Watch, Spring Video, Van Work and Mulch

Saturday July 22, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Upgrade bracket

I wasn’t happy with the bracket I made for the van’s electric fan controls so I removed it and added a couple more parts to it.

The new parts got drilled.drilled


Welding it up

And then they were welded to the original little bracket I had made that didn’t do the job. I used my new Harbor Freight auto-dimming welding helmet for the first time. Boy do I like that. I could actually see what I was welding. welded


Then I put some paint on the bracket and had to let it dry.painted


The new BP watch

The new watch was reading  blood pressure much lower than my wrist cuff device so I thought I should test it out. I also got out my upper arm cuff one, so I had three devices to compare. I sat in the house turning one on after the other multiple times comparing them. They  mostly never get the same reading twice, so it’s rather hard to compare.

But the more I did it, the more confidence I got in the new watch as when I got a high reading on the wrist one, the watch went up too. The arm cuff mostly seemed to read lower than the wrist cuff at first. The  more times I took the test, they all seemed to come down lower to where the new watch was at.

I can’t be sure about anything with these blood pressure devices, but at least they all said my blood pressure wasn’t high.

I was under the impression that the new watch would measure blood pressure all day long, by itself, but I was wrong about that. It only measures heart rate, or pulse all day long.

So far, to measure heart pressure, I have to use the app on my phone. I think I’m supposed to be able to trigger that on the watch by touching it, but I haven’t been able to get that to work yet for some reason. I’ll be checking that out to see if I can do that or not.

Working on the new spring video

I put the clips for the video together last night. Today, I worked on getting it all squared away on YouTube and got that mostly done. I have a couple more videos to complete on spring tapping before I’m done with that.

The new spring tapping video is here.

Of course I had a couple naps here and  there too.

Van work on the electric fan controls

The paint was dry, so I installed the bracket I worked on earlier. I think this one is a winner. The fan’s solenoids and fuses are mounted and the new bracket had holes to tie the wires to it.

This is the view under the van.installed


And this is the view from the top. Much better. I didn’t hook up all the wires because I like to be fresh to work on those so I make less mistakes. I think I’ll be happy with this once I get it all hooked up.solenoids


In the evening I sat around chair  hopping as the day cooled down.

Mulching the mulberry tree

And the last thing I did was haul some wood chips over to the mulberry tree.woodchips


I dumped the woodchips here under the mulberry tree. Woodchips are now mulch. I’ll be hauling some more chips to this spot later.mulch


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    OK! Calibrating done. (I hope you did all that over a goodly amount of time.) Anyway, glad the watch came out pretty good in the tests. Wish I had some of those wood chips.
    What am I saying. I don’t garden anymore.

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