New Dentist, Visiting, Citrus and That Darn Debit Card

Friday July 22, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Making videos

Cell phone woos

Last night I worked on making some videos of the new peeps. I especially wanted to figure out how to make what YouTube calls shorts, with my cell phone. My problem with the cell phone is reception where I live is very weak to none because of the hills and the big trees so I’m not very good using it like I am with my computer. That means it gives me quite the time when I do try to do something with it. :O)


So one of the things I wanted to do was see if I could remember the steps to make a short video, so I did two of them, but alas, no, I can’t remember the steps and will likely forget the ones I do remember by the next time I try to do one so I better do one again soon.

Shooting peeps

Anyway, the new peeps gave me some good stuff for some videos and most people like to watch new peeps so I went out and shot some videos with  my phone and  my video camera to make one of those too, another thing I’m learning and trying to improve on as I go.

New videos at YouTube

Here’s the two shorts of the new peeps.

And here’s the video of the chicks I made with  my video camera.

Today’s doings

Today I had a dentist appointment for cleaning around noon so I went off to that. My dentist just sold her business so there’s all new people there that I have to train.

For instance she started to put the heart pressure gauge on my wrist and I said . NO.

I said I have White Coat. You are wasting your time and my time. To compensate, I take my own at home many times. She said, what is it, 120/60/60. Good.

She hands me a bag of goodies as I’m leaving. No thanks, most of that stuff has corn stuff in it, just give me a soft brush. Thanks.

I will say she did a very good job de-scaling my teeth.

My next step will be to educate the new dentist but that’ll be another time. :O) I’m not one of those people that just sit in the chair quietly.

Visiting and citrus fruit

From there I went over to visit my older brother mostly for a visit as I don’t get up to see him much and also because  he has a lot of real good citrus, much better than you can get at stores.

So we shot the bull for a bit and talked about his medical problems.

Tasty things

Then  we went out into  his citrus grove and he filled that white bag up with tasty things.bag


He has a variety of fruit to chose from. A lot of it had already been picked by my other brother Tom to sell at the farmers market.trees


Gas and shopping

I left with my bag of goodies stopping to visit another friend but he wasn’t home so I continued on to the  town of Guerneville where I wanted to get gas and do some shopping.

That darned card

I went to the bank first as I needed them to unlock my card as I used the wrong password a while back and they locked it up. The guy unlocked it and I went to get gas and I still couldn’t get that darn card to work with either of the two pins I use so it got locked again.

Darn card again

I used another card successfully and drove back to the bank to get it unlocked again and find out why none of my two pins worked. I was sure I only used two pins and neither would work. So they will send me a letter in the mail with my pen number so I can get into my account. I was sure it was something they did.,,,,,,,,,,But. :O)

It was me

Once home for a bit and taking it easy chair hopping I remembered once I wanted to sign into  my account and they made me change my pin. I wrote it down in my book but used too much code and didn’t see it and forgot about doing it. I only changed one number but that was enough. My goal is to get all my stuff down to one pin. That’s all an older person can handle. :O)

Anyway I puttered around the yard for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to New Dentist, Visiting, Citrus and That Darn Debit Card

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I keep it to two possible pins for banking and get three chances to get it right. Passwords are a whole different game. I like the little peepers.

  2. Croft says:

    I would love to get everything on the same PIN as well but some want numbers and letters or a symbol, numbers and letters with at least one capital… In other words they insist you have a password that is impossible to remember.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Croft,
      I was just talking about the four number pin, but you are right on with the password stuff. How in the heck is an older person supposed to remember that stuff and for which account it is? Drives me nuts. :O)

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