New Folding Van Shelf Prep and Burying Some Water Pipe

Saturday May 14, 2022 Guerneville CA.

New van shelf

Since my last trip I’ve been meaning to put a new folding shelf up on one of my van doors. As long as I was doing it I used a cutting board so I’d have a cutting board out where I could use it. But the main reason for the shelf is to have a place to put my laptop at the right height to use it. I purchased the parts I will need the other day while I was shopping.prts


Duel purpose

I plan to put it on this door. Because it will fold down when not in use it also will stop the wind from unraveling my paper towels and blowing them away when I  have the door open.door


Figuring it out

All I wanted to do today was to figure out what I needed to do. I was gong to trim the board down but after trying it in it’s place I will try it out with the size it is.

I did that and did some chair hopping just enjoying the nice day.

Burying the water line

Around 3, I hopped on the quad runner and drove on up into the hills with my tools as I wanted to bury some of our plastic water line to protect it from fires and varmints eating it.

Video cam mount test

But before I left I tried out my camera mount to see how it might work. I tried it here first and took off to check it out without a  camera. I found out it’s too far forward to turn the camera on and off so moved it closer to where I sit a bit later once I realized that.cammount


Headed up into the forest

I rode on up this rode to the water pipe area.road


Down the trail

This is the trail I walked down to bury the water pipe that is laid on it down the trail a bit.trail


Starting working here

If you look carefully you can see the black plastic pipe I needed to bury by knocking more dirt down on it making the trail a bit wider in the process. Nothing like doing two jobs at once.pipe


I worked on that for about two hours making sure I didn’t over do it on my back. I quit before that happened.

I got a good start on that and still have lots more to do on it. A little at a time will get it done.

From there I headed on home for a nap and a rest and that was my day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    That fold down shelf ….. brilliant idea!!!

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