New Hubs for the Van and Some Other Puttering

Saturday April 8, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Now hubs

The wheel locking hubs on my van were pretty much worn out. I’d ordered up a new set awhile back and now it’s time to get them installed.hubs1


I removed the old ones from the van. I had a little trouble getting the snap rings and lock rings off, but some persistence paid off and I got the old hubs off.off2


Now it was time to install the new hubs.newubs3


I greased and installed the inter workings first.hub4


Then I put the outer hub parts on and tightened them up. They look good and work well.hub5



The next thing I did was to grease all the grease fitting on the front of the van which were on my list of things to do to the van.greasevan6


Metal roof repair

After a good break I got the tools out to replace one of the metal sheets on the house roof that had rusted through.

They don’t rust like this on the roof, but I stored them on the ground a few years before I put them on the roof and when water gets between the sheets from the rain, they corrode badly. I could see they were bad when I installed them a number of years ago, but it’s what I had so used them anyway knowing they weren’t too good and might leak some day.

I screwed the nice new green one down and that was done.roof7


Sunny day

The view from the roof of the nice blue sky and shiny sun.sky8


And a view of the yard from the house roof.yard9


Toyota Choke

I was pretty sure I’d put a choke cable on the old Toyota a long time ago, but I’d forgotten which knob to use to activate the choke. I  had a look under the hood and tried knobs until I found the one I’d fixed up for the choke. It still worked so  now I had a choke to get it started which should be real helpful.

The rest of the day I spent chair hopping with the chickens.birds10


Nice day.

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