New Oil Tube and Dip Stick For the Van’s Engine

Saturday April 22, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Van work

The part I’d been waiting to arrive for the van finally showed up yesterday. It’s a new oil dip stick and tube. My old one was a bit too small and leaked oil some.dipstick


I got the covers off the engine so I could work on it.engine


The new oil tube has to be installed down in all that.oilstick


Not so easy

I thought this would be an easy job but when I tried to put the new oil tube into the engine hole where it goes, it was just a tad too large and wouldn’t go into the hole in the engine.

My only option was to sand and file the new tube down a few thousandths of an inch. It was a tedious task with much checking to see if it fits and file some more. I also had to bend the tube just right to fit the van type installation, but I got it eventually.installed


That all took a lot longer than I thought it would, so I canceled the work I was going to do up in the forest and sat around chair hopping around the yard for the rest of the day.fixed


Column shifter

Just before dark, I did have a look at the van’s column shifter as it’s been a little bit on the sticky side lately and is a bit hard to shift. I could see where it was sticking but I couldn’t see much I could do without taking it all apart, except to try oiling it up, so I put some 30 weight oil on it. It does seem a bit better, but the test will be when it gets used again.

Nice day.

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