Swallows, Chair Hopping, Dirt Bike Ride, and Some Forest Work

Sunday April 23, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Chair hopping

I took some cooking scraps out to the chickens this morning and a bunch of turkey vultures appeared close overhead, But by the time I got my camera out, they’d moved up in the sky. They seem to smell things on the air currents and that’s how they hunt, mostly.sky1



I was doing some chair hopping around the yard when I noticed the swallows were back to use the nest boxes. They are good birds to  have around as they eat flying bugs and not fruits. They come  every year to eat bugs and nest.swallow2


I think a female has already moved in and the male is visiting or maybe feeding her.box3



The yard has leafed out nicely for spring as I sit in one of  my chairs enjoying the day and thinking about what to do today.yard4


I wanted to continued working in the forest on the trail but first I thought a bike ride would be good so I rode around for awhile stopping here in the flowers at the Guerneville overlook.flowers5



I was riding past this old road when I decided to ride up it and see what trees I needed to get off the road to make it useful. It was mostly small stuff I could just throw off the road, but not today as I had other work to do.raod6


I wasn’t ready to go to work just yet as I had some more riding to do. I rode on down this trail.trail7


And on down this one on the way to my work spot.trail8


Sitting spot

I rode halfway up the trail I was working on as that’s as far as I can ride up it and parked and found the tools I’d need under a big tree. I walked on up the trail to this sitting spot and sat down and rested up to get ready to get some exercise just up the trial a bit more.seat9


This is the part of the trail I am going to work on, cleaning it up, mostly.trail10


I’m going to start working at the top, on the right and work my way down, which is towards the bottom of the pic.  There are some wild irises on the left that just bloomed out.trail11


Big roots

Chopping big roots out of the trail is the hardest part of the trail work.root12


I worked to just after five and then headed back down the trail. This will be the next part I work on as it’s the last piece left on this part of the trail that needs some cleanup.trail14


Since I’d already gone for a ride today, I headed on home for a nap, then did some more chair hopping.

Van’s shifter mechanism

Just before dark, I had another look at another part of the van’s shifting mechanism to see if I could make it shift smoother. This is the bottom part but I couldn’t see anything wrong as mostly I don’t know what I’m looking at as I’ve never messed with this part. The next time my friend Marty comes by with his old van, I’ll have to have a look at his old van’s shifter and see if I can detect anything different than my van’s.shifter15


Nice day.

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