New Peeps and Rebar Gates and a Fence Is Up

Sunday April 28, 2019 Guerneville CA.


I went out and fed the chickens once I got it going this morning. The little peep that was born yesterday was out in it’s cage and the rooster and some hens where checking it out. I wasn’t sure if the little guy was safe but later it ran right out with the big guys and they left it alone which was a relief.peep


Raspberry patch

I turned the sprinkler on the raspberry patch and let it run most of the day. Once a week for those guys should do it. They are starting to bloom so it won’t be long until eating time starts.watering


Finishing up the gates

Next I cut the welded fence wire for the gates, 4 pieces of it.wirecut


Gates wired up

I used hog nose rings to fasten it to the rebar and the wire was on.gates


I needed to add three feet to this one to make it work where I wanted it.gate


Installing gates

To install the gates I drive two metal posts into the ground and wire the gate rebar to both sides and that holds it up and is ready to fasten the fence wire to it.posts


Putting up fence wire

I pounded in some more fence posts and cut and installed the fence wire for this little garden area. The fence in the back is the one I just put up.fence


Here’s another part of it showing one of the gates up and installed.fencegate


4 peeps so far

I heard some peeping over at the chicken pen so I went over to see what was going on. I found 4 little peeps peeping away. More may hatch.

Here’s three of the little peeps.peeps


New sprinkler mod

The rebar sprinkler stand I made the other day needed some more work. I welded the cross braces on the bottom legs so now I can just stand on it to push the legs into the dirt to keep it from falling over.baseweld


Here’s the sprinkler ready to go.sprinkler


Where is the heck is that camera

At dark I shut the chickens in their pen for the night. But now I couldn’t find my camera. I knew it was in the yard somewhere. This happens quite often but usually I can find it fairly quick but not tonight. I got the flash light out and walked around the yard looking for it but couldn’t find it. I walked around the yard about three times looking but nothing. It wouldn’t be good to leave it out in the dew tonight so I kept looking and finally found it on top of the chicken house steel roof where I left it when I was adjusting a gate spring.

That taken care of I was able to go in for the night.

Nice day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    You gates are looking good, and more new peeps to add to the flock. Glad you found you camera, probably not water proof like mine is.

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