New Toy, I Bought a Drone

Sunday January 23, 2022 Guerneville CA.

New toy

I was expecting a package today so once I got it going I checked the tracking on it and found out it was delivered yesterday and was in my mailbox, so I went out to get it.

I sat down in a chair and opened the box.boxes


My new DJI mini 2 drone had arrived, a new toy.drone


I put the batteries on to charge and will have to try to get it set up tonight sometime. I have a bit to learn about setting this up and using it as I have never ran one of these things before.

And with all the big trees around here, I’ll have to be real careful not to crash into one of them.

Trail work in the hills

I headed on up into the hills on the quad runner to do a little trail work by the waterfall.falls


It hasn’t rained in awhile so the waterfall is getting smaller and smaller each time I see it.water



I needed to move these rocks off the trail to a useful spot so I worked on that and did a bit more trail work, but not too much as I wanted to ride up to the ridge top and do some trail work


After a bit, I rode on up the hill on this road, headed for the ridge top.road6


Old trail

And then I rode on down into these madrone trees where I was working on clearing another old trail through the madrone trees.quad7


I cleared a path through here, mostly throwing off sticks and logs. The sun was going down so I didn’t have much time to work.trail8


I was able to get this section cleared of debris which was enough work for one day and it was getting late.trail9


So I rode on down this road headed for my house,………..But.road10


Road blocked

There was a big log across the road and I didn’t have anything to remove it so I turned around and took another road down the hill.log


I got home just before dark. Most of the chickens were already on their roost but these two came out with me as I sat in my chair.chickens


I got the batteries for my new drone all charged up. Now I have to set things up which I’ll do later tonight, I hope, if all goes well.

Nice day.

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