Nice Paddle at Jenner, Eating Blackberries and More New Peeps

Thursday June 20, 2019 Jenner CA.

Great day for a paddle

I arrived in Jenner around noon and put the boat in the water and parked the car.

I decided up river was the way to go today, but not far, only a couple  hundred yards/meters. I’m just going up ahead and to the right there.river


I went by these two mallard dusks.ducks


Blackberries at Swamp Rock Trailhead

Headed to the Swamp Rock Trailhead right up ahead.swamptrail


I went to shore and got out and did a short walk looking for ripe blackberries. I did find some but not many.blackberry


Just resting and enjoying the day

It was a short walk and I was back here in a short time but I didn’t get back in the boat. I sat here enjoying things for about an hour or so.sitspot


Eventually I paddled on down Penny Island’s back channel and stopped here in what I call the Slot.slot


Big stump or skull

My stump is bigger than your stump. The  main trunk is about eight feet in diameter and the roots that are left are about fifteen feet across. Maybe it’s really the skull of some big animal of long ago. :O)stump


Headed to the river’s mouth area

I decided to go on down to the river’s open mouth to have a look see, just up ahead.mouth2


This shovel billed duck swam past me as I


And these geese honked a bit as they got out of my way.geese


Ladies talking lumens

I had talked with the ladies up ahead at the boat ramp and they said they’d been out for the bio-lumens several times which indicated to me they were serious about it.

So I pulled up and told them I’d give them some more info about what I knew about the lumens. They sat down and listened while I explained how the high tide comes in and flows under the warmer river water which  makes the estuary water layered and not mixed up as in brackish which  most people don’t know. This makes a difference how the lumens work in the water.ladies


Ocean foam

I left them sitting on the sandy beach and paddled out into the foam in the open mouth. The foam is from the ocean waters diving under the warmer river water when the tide comes in. The foam can’t sink with the colder denser ocean water so it flouts and builds up.foam


These are a few of the harbor seals resting on the sandy beach by the mouth.seals


Lotsa critters

After a bit I left the area going by all these critters, seagulls, brown pelicans and harbor seals and I think there’s a cormorant or two in there too.critters


I crossed over here to the island and paddled up along it as I was looking for a place to go to shore.birds


Looking for more ripe berries on Penny Island

I went to shore here and dived into the brush looking for ripe blackberries. I found a few but they need to ripen more.bush


I hopped back in my boat and paddled across the river to the Jenner boat ramp just across the river and went on home for the day.boat


Tired out

Being at the ocean can really wear one out and it did. I just seemed to be tired out so I napped a lot and went out to check on the new peeps.

New peeps

Not all of the little guys have come out of the nesting boxes yet, but here’s two of them.peeps


I was so beat I didn’t get around to putting a blog together but went to bed early and that was my day for a nice one.

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