Nice Sunny Day Spent In the Forest Doing Some Trail Work

Saturday January 28, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Sunny day

The sun was out nice and bright today. I fed the chickens and hopped on the dirt bike headed for the hills to continue my trail work in the forest.

Checking things out

I walked out the trail and checked things out to see just how much more trail work I had to do on this trail. I think four or five more days I should get done what I wanted to do on this trail for the winter. I thought I’d be done by now but with the fallen trees across roads during the rain storms, things got set back a bit.trail1


Trail work

I’m working my way down the trail and this is the spot where I worked on improving the trail today which is getting near the end of it.trail2


I usually work until about 4, but today I forgot my watch so quite when I got tired out, which was about 3:30, I think. At any rate, I was beat so I rode the dirt bike on home for something to eat and a good nap.


After resting up, I went outside and the chickens where begging me to let them out into the front yard which is one of their favorite places to graze.chickens3


Making plans

Just before dark, I went across the creek to my brother’s place to make some plans on how we were going to dig the ditches for his water lines I’m going to help him dig.

Then, back in the yard for some chair hopping until it got dark on me.

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Ha, they ARE waiting on you.

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