No Harbor Seals On the Beach Today At the River’s Mouth

Friday August 28, 2015 Jenner CA.

I had a hard time getting it going this morning, but I finally did and headed on down to Jenner and put my boat in the water to what looked to be a nice day and it was.

Headed towards the river’s mouth

I paddled across to Penny Island and decided to go on down towards the mouth as it was almost high tide.

I paddled along the Penny Island shoreline headed down the river.russianriver


There were a few of these pipers feeding along the shore that I passed.goldenplover


No harbor seals on the beach

This is what it looked like as I paddled towards the open river’s mouth. Interesting to note is there are no harbor seals on the beach right now for some reason. Most of them must be out feeding in the ocean.rivermouth


End of the river

l paddled pass the open mouth to the end of the river where I sat and watched for a bit. This seagull was on a rock in back of me. I wasn’t sure if it only had one leg or it just had that other leg up. Quite often I see seagulls with only one leg. It’s a rough life out there.seagull


Frolicking harbor seals

There were some harbor seals frolicking in the water just out in front of me and this was my view from the spot I was sitting, at the end of the  river looking back up the river.seals


Waves roll in

A bit later, I paddled over to the open mouth and sat here for a spell and watched the waves roll in.mouth


Back up the river

Eventually, I tired of that area and headed on up the river through the islands back channel taking my time of course.

There were a lot fewer birds around today for some unknown reason. I cleared the island back channel and was paddling along here headed up the river. Nice day.river


I didn’t go far, only up to the Eagle’s landing area, then turned back down the river after a short rest under the big trees there.


I’ve passed by this loon quite often and have taken it’s picture often too. Today, it didn’t move off as it usually does when I approached it. Instead , it stayed about twenty feet from me and just did it’s thing.Loon


Here’s the loon relaxed near me and doing it’s preening thing.loon2


I crossed over the river to the north side and paddled on down towards Jenner and stopped by this big rock for a break looking down the river towards the town of Jenner. Nice sky today too.jenner


Fishing egret

From there, I crossed the river again to Penny Island where this egret flew in close to me an started some serious fishing.



After eating some fish, it put it’s head way into the air and did a sorta display thing as seen in this picture. It seemed to fluff all it’s head feathers out.displayegret


I left the egret fishing and crossed over to the boat ramp where I took my boat out and went on home for the day.

I’m still pretty tired out and off my oats from my recent trip, so I mostly napped and puttered a bit in the yard for the rest of the day and that was about it for the day.

Nice day.

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