No Winch Motor, No Ice Cream But I Got Some Shopping Done

Tuesday January 28, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Shopping today

Winch motor

First thing I did today after feeding the chickens was call the parts place and see if they had a motor for my bad winch motor. They had one that didn’t cost too much but when the guy checked it out they found out it wouldn’t work for my unit,  but the more expensive one would. I decided to wait on ordering as I’ve never used that winch and maybe I would be better off just taking it off the van and buying a good tow rope instead. I’ll think about it. :O)

Food shopping

That done I drove on over to the shopping center to do some shopping as I hadn’t been to the big places since before Christmas. I made a Costco run and got what corn free items I could.

No ice cream

Then I went on over to Walmart to get some hardware and a couple food items. I was thinking of some ice cream as there is one kind of one brand that I can eat but they were out of it so I didn’t get a treat.

Chicken food

I was thinking I could stop at the feed store for some chicken feed on the way home if I had enough energy which I did so I stopped there and got about  a hundred bucks of chicken feed, mostly whole oats and crimped barley.

I was shopped out by then so I went on home and unloaded the car taking my time and throwing a nap in there too.

Testing out the old radio

My neighbor Dominique came by and wanted  me to test her old car radio for her old bug that she just got on EBay, the radio not the bug. I hooked it all up and we tested it out No go, it didn’t work.

By then it was almost dark and the day was cooling down so I went on inside and that was it for me today.

Good to get the shopping done.

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