Not a Good Day to Shop, But I Did It Anyway

Wednesday December 21, 2016 Guerneville CA.

It’s not something I like to do, but it needs to be done

I got it going this morning and got  my stuff ready to leave for some shopping. I remembered to put the cooler in the car and plumb forgot to pick up the list I made the other day.

Tried to shoot the bull with the well driller guy

I first stopped at Fisch Bros. Drilling to pay my bill and shoot the bull a bit, but the doors where locked and I remembered the well driller said they’d be off for a couple weeks during Christmas, so I drove off and headed for the local Pep Boys Auto Parts as one of my readers wanted to know what the number of the engine compartment seal I had used on my van and I did remember I bought it there. A guy came by and asked if I needed help so I told him I was looking for this one particular seal they usually had stocked. He took off and came back in a bit and informed me that he couldn’t get the number of the seal and I would have to wait until one came in, so I didn’t do well there.

Costco was busy, but I shopped anyway

Next I went over to Costco. I didn’t really want to go in their store right now with Christmas and all, but I did as I needed some stuff to eat. It wasn’t too bad in there and I got what I wanted and left.

Scratched Walmart and Visited Joe Instead

I wanted to go to Wal-Mart to get a certain ham that isn’t corned in some way, so I drove up to Windsor. After checking out how busy the parking lot was there, I decided I could do without the ham for now and drove on over near the airport to visit with my friend Joe for awhile. We shot the bull for about an hour and then I headed on home and put my groceries away.

Figuring out how to wire the big new oven

Then I got out the big new oven manual installation guide to figure out how much juice and what I needed to hook it up. Of course I didn’t know the model number so I  first had to find someone that knew, so I went out the door and my brother’s girl friend just happened to be  driving by in a golf cart, so she found the model number for me and I checked out what I need to do to hook it up. She’s a baker and the new oven is for her.

I got the wood in for the night and then it seemed to be nap time.

That was my day.

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