Not One of My Better Days

Monday January 6, 2014 Guerneville CA.

I did get some work done on the car though

Last night when I went to bed the room started to spin and I had a hard time stopping it. Seems something was making me sick. Around four thirty AM, I wasn’t’ doing too good and got up and took some antihistamines, as they are good for motion sickness and finally fell asleep after about an hour.

My doctors office called this morning to tell me the doc was sick and they  have to reschedule my appointment I was going to today for my back and to get a flu shot.

When I woke up this morning, I found my blanket had pulled out at the bottom sometime in the night and my legs had gotten a bit on the cold side. I did feel better though.

I decided to go down to Jenner to kayak and headed down that way. When I arrived, it was a little chilly, and I seemed to be chilled and didn’t think I’d warm up much if I went yakking, so I came back home, turned up the heat and crawled under some blankets for most of the day.

Around two PM, I heard the UPS truck out front so went out to get my package, a tortilla press and cooker I had ordered from Amazon.

I opened the box and took out the book to read while laying down on the coach. First thing I saw was an insert for waffle plates for my new griddle. What? Sure enough, there was a nice new griddle in the box. While I was laying there thinking about how I was going to have to return it, I heard beep, beep, beep out front. The UPS man was back. Seemed he gave me the wrong package, so we made the exchange and I started reading the manual. Looks fairly straight forward, but I wasn’t in the mood to make any just yet.

My car has been missing just a bit while driving it around so I opened the hood and looked for the computer temperature sensor, as the connector on that had caused a similar problem a few years ago. I cleaned it off and put some grease on it to keep it clean and checked the oil and water. Looks good, I’ll test it next time I drive the car.

Other than that, I did some laundry, or the machine did and that was about it for the day.

Not one of my better days, but I read somewhere that today was the bla-est day of the year. So I’m good with it.

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